Saturday, April 20

Grateful For #106: Rechargeable Batteries

I wrote this yesterday to be #105 before the break in -.-

Batteries are expensive! It seems like we are always needing AAs for remotes, the boys cameras, toys, and other random things. A few years ago I bought a few dozen rechargeable energizers, but sometime in the last year or two they have each stopped holding a charge. We bought a bunch of disposable ones during the holiday season when you could get them free or two for one or etc... But it's April and those are nearly gone. So I finally looked for rechargeable ones again. The price has gone up since I last bought them (of course lol) by about double. I was able to find some Rayovac AAs 40 for $36 on Ebay on a just listed (literally 15 minutes before I saw it) buy it now auction. That was significantly cheaper then I could find the same battery packs anywhere else on the web.

At 90 cents a battery they will have earned their cost and then some after just a few charges, compared to even the cheapest disposables =)

Thank you God for afforadable batteries =)

What are you grateful for today?

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