Saturday, April 27

Grateful For #113: Getting Stuff Done

Today we sent in all the pictures from the break in to the insurance adjuster. Found a pic of the treadmill that was stolen and sent it in with the emails from when we bought the treadmill off Craigslist. Found the receipt from the 12volt Black and Decker Lithium Drill and sent that in. Measured the rooms that were affected and sent those measurements in and re-tiled the dining room floor where whoever stole from us pulled up the tiles with their shoes. Cleaned that off and will be able to seal it next time, and sealed the bathroom countertop. Paid car, phone, mortgage, etc and so forth. Looked into what it would cost to get Trevor a new phone (the volume button fell off his on top of randomly dropping calls. We haven't even had it 2yrs, he got it for his birthday September 2011).

Thank you God for the gumption to get stuff done.

What are you grateful for today?

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