Friday, April 12

Home Remedies You Take For Granted

Back during the February magazine coupon round up I mentioned we wouldn't use the Lysine coupon because peppermint chapstick is more effective for cold sores. It's not just my opinion, there is research to back it up. I've been cold sore free for more then 6 years now, and haven't had to deal with a full blown shingles re-occurrence for nearly as long. All because of peppermint chapstick and peppermint essential oil. It's such a, "Well of course it works, duh!" thing for me, that it still sometimes blows me away that other people won't even TRY it because it seems like a hocus pocus home remedy. So silly, seriously, what is a little $2 tube of chapstick going to hurt you in the long run? If it works you spent $2 and discovered something that will take away countless moments of pain, discomfort and embarassment. If it doesn't work... you spent $1 more on chapstick once then the cheap $1 kind you might normally buy. Eh.

Another home remedy we use a lot is vinegar for thrush.

Now don't get me wrong, it doesn't taste that great at all. But it's effective, like immediately effective. For someone that is perpetually on steroids and antibiotics- easy, available and effective is really good. It's a cruddy cycle. Can't breath you die. Gotta take steroids to breath. Steroids lower immune system, more likely to get siinfections. Getting infections means breathing is worse, gotta take more steroids and antibiotics. Thrush feeds off steroids and with the antibiotics killing all the bacteria you have just supplied thrushes food and taken away it's enemy..... So now you have thrush. Yay #p Anyways, gargling vinegar a few times gets rid of almost any thrush. May have to repeat for a few days, espcially if you are still on antibiotics &/or strong steroids, but it's worth it imo. No car trip (with two small children) to the doctor to diagnose thrush, no car trip and wait at the pharmacy for that sickly sweet thrush liquid stuff. And seriously, as bad as vinegar tastes, I'm not sure that it's really worse then that sickly sweet taste they prescribe... at the least it's a toss up- one's sour to the other's sickly sweetness.

Granted... Trace might actually prefer the prescription to the vinegar.....

Do you have any home remedies that are so effective there's no reason to consider using the otc or rx version?

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