Friday, April 5

Once Upon a Time (I don't like Emma)

Trevor and I finished catching up to Dr. Who and have been watching Once Upon a Time now. I have to say, I really dislike the main character. And it's not the actress- because she's still my second favorite on House reruns... second to Dr. House lol. No I just don't like the character. She ticks me off.

First HENRY IS NOT HER SON!!! I'm sorry, but that whole thing really bothers me. I'm probably more sensitive to it because we plan to adopt in the future, but Henry isn't her child. She gave birth to him, that's it. She gave him up immediately. That's great that she did it for good reasons. I admire that. I am a big proponent of open adoption situations, so am totally for her having a relationship with him (although Emma herself requested a closed adoption). Even in open adoption situations the parent is still the one raising the child, not the one with a biological link. Regina is the one who has raised Henry since he was a few weeks old, and it is obvious was doing the best she could and truly loves him. This isn't a case of her abusing him or anything else. Heck, he's so not worried about her anger that he repeatedly sneaks out and off with Emma and constantly goes against Regina's wishes. Those are not the actions of a frightened, abused or mistreated child. Those are the actions of a confident child that is secure in his place at home. That's because Regina has been a good mother to him. Even Jiminy Cricket said that Regina might hurt everyone else but NEVER Henry.

Tonight after dinner we were watching the episode where Emma and Regina are talking after Emma and Snow's welcome back party (which they are only having because Regina saved their lives might I add. I get that she's the evil queen- but we've repeatedly seen that stems from her having the ability to love, not the other way around. And stems in a very very very large part from Gold's manipulation and having a sociopath for a mother). Anyways, they were talking and Regina asks to see Henry more (which again might I add it's only because she allowed it that she doesn't have Henry living with her) and Emma says, "Gee... I don't know if that's best." ...I'll admit if I could have I would have thrown something through the tv at her... something hard, really hard.

Also, I don't think it should have been Emma's kiss alone that broke the curse and woke Henry. I'm sorry, but Regina has been his mother for 10 years. I feel they both should have kissed him at the same time. I am still hoping there is a flashback and we see Regina kissing Henry's hand at the same time as Emma was his forehead so that it might have been either or even the combined love of two parents that broke the curse.

The show's handling of this situation with Henry and him being the baby that Emma gave birth to (while in jail) and the child that Regina adopted and has raised for ten year is really detracting from the show in general for me. It's not that the situation exists, but the way it's being handled by everyone in the town and on the show as if of course Emma is Henry's real mom. Plain and simple... she's not. The real parent is the parent that was there day in and day out for the child over the years. Not someone who gave birth to them and never would have went looking for the child themselves except that fate took meeting him out of her hands. Have a relationship, by all means. Have a good one, but don't do it by taking the child away and encouraging the child away from the parent that loved and cared for them for the past decade.

I'm sure I am not the only person for who this is a major flaw in the set up of the show. This should not be treated so callously. This idea that because Emma gave birth to him and then willingly gave him up into a closed adoption by her own request; that just because she was reunited with him and doesn't like his mother she has the right to take him away. I know I can not be the only person for who this is very nearly destroying my interest in an otherwise fantastic show. And again, it's not that the issue exists in the show, it's the handling and portrayal of it.

....Just couldn't sleep tonight so decided to jot down that rant ;-)


  1. Calyn,

    I love Once upon a Time! I don't feel as strongly about the Emma/Henry/Regina situation but I do find it odd that Emma is basically taking over raising him. I think more will be revealed about this situation in the future--isn't it odd that Emma's child ended up with the evil queen from the country in which Emma escaped as a baby? That is very, very odd (to my knowledge this hasn't been addressed).

    As for the kiss the awoke Henry I think it was more the idea of "true love" that broke the curse (since Emma is the product of the "true love" between Snow and Prince Charming and, because of that, contains magic herself). Plus, there is the small detail that it was Regina's evil doing that cast both curses (perhaps she is incapable of breaking her own spell???)

    I think the writers are incredibly creative and I look forward to seeing each new episode. I like the idea that true love conquers and will always find each other.

    1. Hey! how are you doing? How's writing?

      I agree with the writers being talented and otherwise love the show. I disagree with the handling of what is a controversial situation. If this had been an evil queen that we hadn't repeatedly been shown she really is good and has just been manipulated and used time and again by gold and cora then I would agree. But we have been shown she is good and tried to be good and each time is manipulated out of it. Not to mention Emma's very less then golden past, sorta pot and kettle. Either way Emma can't take over raising him at this point. He's ten, Regina has already raised him and he is Regina's kid, who she truly loves. Sounds like true love is loosing in this case.

      I have been wondering about how Gold got Henry, and if he knew it was Emma's child. I also have been thinking from the start that the guy Emma was with is probably Gold's son?

      However, I do feel strongly this subject is being inappropriately handled for a television show.


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