Friday, April 26

Other Vacation Thoughts

So that's our plans so far....

This year we've left open some time unplanned. We also tried to balance the vacation plans better between the parents and the kids, rather then just having child oriented stuff. There are a few things we are still talking about doing (like the marina or mark twain boat hour cruise) that will come down to dollars and sense. I think we have a good plan so far and can't wait for the actual vacation =)

We have left at least one day open (maybe more depending on how Trevor's other day offs work out) to hopefully get to see various family that lives in the area. A lot of Trevor's extended family lives in Monroe City- including both of his grandmothers, several aunts and uncles and lots of cousins. I also recently discovered I have at least one cousin currently living in Monroe City (he's my grandfather's brother's grandson... so whatever number cousin that makes it lol).

I also wouldn't mind taking at least part of a day to show Trevor and boys where I spent many, many holidays and part of my summers each year with my paternal grandparents in a very small town nearby (New London). There is also the Starlight Alpaca Ranch in New London that is open for family picnics and visits we might go see. We live literally houses down the street here from an alpaca farm, but it's not set up for visits the way this one is, it would be cool for the boys to get interaction with the animal they are so familiar with seeing =)

Last year our plans were very very kid centered (everything we did was geared towards the kids). It was a great vacation... but Trevor and I talked about how it would have been fun to get to do some adult oriented stuff too.

This year I tried to plan a better balance between stuff the kids will like and what Trevor and I would enjoy. Splash landing the kids should love and Trevor and I will enjoy also. I'm hoping the historic tour that Trevor and I will find interesting is balanced by the storyboard and rubbings tour for the kids. We didn't plan or do any shopping last vacation, so I bought certificates ahead of time and planned some in this year. Some of those are only going to fun for me or Trevor, and some (like the game shop) should be fun for the boys to participate in too. And of course the movie we see will be child oriented. The music concerts I know Trace will love, as will Trevor and I. Tris may be overwhelmed by it, so I am planning to bring my tablet and some headphones so that if Tris gets sensory overwhelmed we can turn on something more familiar for him to focus on. I'm hoping we all enjoy the Art Fair =)

Hopefully this planning will end up a wonderful family vacation for all of us =)

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