Tuesday, April 30

Our April (In Photo/videos)

April was not a great month for us. As much as some majorly cruddy things happened this April, I think the normal good memories still won out. April had major medical and insurance problems, expensive car problems, a tornado warning and our house was broken into. However, hopefully when we remember April 2013 we remember treasure hunts, decorated flower pots, bug worlds, dress up, park play, yummy food, lots of laughter, smiles and love =)

Below are some of the pictures that helped tell about our April 2013.

This last one was sort of a teaser post, it hasn't been on the blog yet. It's a project Trevor and I started in April, but haven't finished. This picture was taken just moments after applying a layer of mod podge actually....

Here's to April Showers bring May Flowers =)

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