Wednesday, April 3

Spring Treasure Hunt Plan ($ store supplies)

For $13 we got: 

2 shovels
2 flower pots
6 flower pot liners with drain holes
1 flower box
2 bags of potting soil
3 packs of stickers
3 decorative butterflies
1 box flower seeds (covers 100sq ft)
1 wooden cigar box with clasp

Cigar boxes are free at your local grocery store that sells cigars. Call before you'll be shopping and ask if they have any and can set one aside for you. We got ours from the Hy-Vee where Trev works. Everything else we got at Dollar Tree.

Here's what I'm planning...

This is an idea I came up with a while ago just as something fun to do to celebrate Spring's arrival and gardening this year. Since we moved to our house when Tris was 14 months old he, and now the last couple years Trace too, has helped me plant the gardens around our home. This year we aren't at our own house, so can't really do that. Spring planting is such a wonderful experience though, I wanted it to be just as exciting this year. This is the concept I came up with to help make that happen.

On a nice day I'm going to put the stickers, butterflies and flower seeds inside the cigar box and bury it and everything but the shovels in the sand box. Then tape a treasure map I made to the sliding glass doors to the back yard for the boys to notice, with the shovels leaning against the doors. The boys get to take it from there to find the treasure.

After they find everything we're going to decorate the flower pots and box. Then we'll plant our Birds and Butterflies Wildflowers Seeds. Nature will take it from there ;-) Hopefully some weeks later they will have some very beautiful flowers to be smell and explore.

I'll update with a post and pics of how it goes!


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