Sunday, April 21

Summer Vacation Planning Update

We are planning to do our family vacation this summer in North East Missouri and South West Illinois- the Quincy, Monroe City and Hannibal area. June 10th-16th.

This is what we have so far for summer vacation plans and we've spent about $193 total so far.

Per normal (for me) I started off with intention of one post explaining everything... I don't know why I don't consider that it's going to be way too long until I'm nearly done. But obviously a week of day by day detailed plans was way too long to make just one post.

Below is a general breakdown of what's going on, with the more detailed breakdown for some of our more busy days posting over the next few days.

MISC Items/Plans (Cost ATM $50) $50- $50 paper cash for just in case we run into something we want to do or get that doesn't take debit/credit. FREE- Missouri Road Map, Missouri Tourist Guide, Hannibal Visitor Guide, Quincy Things To Do and See Brochure.

Quincy Mall Day No set date. So far we've spent $42.50 on this day. Starts off in a coffee shop then a stop in at one of the Quincy HyVees and some wine shopping. After that we hit the mall and do some game shopping, eat lunch, more browsing/shopping, maybe some arcade action. Then we're watching a movie in the mall theaters before heading home to end the day playing a new game with family.

Splash Landing No date set yet. This will cost $70 entry fee ($25 for Trev and I, $20 for Tris and Trace should be free). It is not included in the above $193 since we have not spent it yet. Splash landing is a water theme park in the Monroe City area that Trevor and I both went to as kids and look forward to seeing our own children enjoy =) 

Hannibal Day Thursday 6/13. We've spent $38 total so far on this day. It includes going to start with Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museums and shows, weather willing a picnic lunch in the park with some park fun. A little shopping, eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant and ending with a music concert.

Quincy Museum, Tours and Blues Friday 6/14. So far we've spent $14.50 for this day. Starts in the same coffee shop as the mall day. We are spending the morning doing two driving tours, including seeing a castle and one with storyboards and paper rubbing activities. Eating lunch at a local restaurant with gluten free options before spending the afternoon at several museums while the boys find scavenger hunt clues to redeem for a prize. Blues in the district is this evening for Trampled Under Foot, starting at 5:30.

Barry Before Art Afternoon Day Planning to visit Barry, IL the morning of Saturday 5/15 to do some thrift and other shopping before heading to the Hannibal Art Fair to enjoy and explore during our Saturday afternoon, check out a chocolate shop and maybe end the day at Trevor's 10 year highschool reunion. $48 spent so far.

Father's Day Sunday We are excited that Trevor is on vacation for Father's Day! It also means that Trevor will get to see his father on father's day for the first time in a while. Trevor was really happy to see there was a Father's Day Fly In Breakfast going on at the Quincy Airport. So we will be going to that hopefully =) At this time we do not know if this will be the last day of our vacation or not, but either way, after the fly in breakfast, we are hoping for a low key rest of the day and possibly be driving home that evening.

More details to come =) Hoping also to do some family visiting in there ;-)

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