Tuesday, April 2

The Ultimate Sorting Lesson (laundry)

I have no idea why I have never considered this before! We are in our Kindergarten/First Grade year. So sorting is something we have lessons on a lot. The other day I was sorting out laundry and realized... laundry is the ultimate real life sorting application. It is the one thing, throughout your life that you will most use sorting for (of course you is used generally). So we did some real life sorting. First we sorted the clothes into piles of whose they are and household (I know most people don't do that, but it's so much easier to put clothing together and away when it's all the same persons). Then we sorted them into darks and lights.

Funny quotes and other tidbits from Tristian-

  • "Are these clothing?"
    "Yes, those are Dad's pants."
    "Oh... I thought it was a sheet!"

LMBO!!!! Hahaha!

  • Sorting clothing is much more fun when you wad clothes up and shoot(aka throw) them into the piles.
  • White dress shirts are "Dad's work jackets".

I love these type of insights into the world from a child's viewpoint!

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