Thursday, April 25

Vacation Plans- Barry Before Art Afternoon

Barry Before Art Afternoon

Saturday 6/15 Spent $48 So Far

I am waiting to hear back from one place in Barry, IL but I am hoping to visit Barry the Saturday morning before going to the Hannibal Art Fair and maybe ending our day at Trevor's 10 year highschool reunion =)


This day is not really set in stone so I'm just going to list the certificates we have for the morning. This will be the morning after our Quincy Tours and Blues day, which may be a late night- I figure kids and parents alike are going to want to take our time starting this day. Most the shops are open on Saturday at 10am, so that will work out well =)

Barry Thrift Shop
$25.00 Gift Certificate spent $10 10-5 sat

This shop had some lovely displays pictured. It looked just like the type of shop that Trevor and I enjoy browsing around in.

Ruthie's Blackberry Run Flowers/Gifts
$25.00 Gift Certificate spent $10 (waiting on hours)

There were some lovely gift items and arrangements for this shop, can't wait to look around in the actual store and maybe pick up something special ;-)

Kopper Pot Sweet Shop
$10.00 Gift Certificate spent $4 8-8 sat

It is described as an old fashioned sweet shop that also serves soup, salad and sandwiches. Hoping to stop in for lunch. Figure we can pack some allergy safe food to take along in case some of us can't eat the food available.

Janelle's Closet
$5.00 Gift Certificate spent $2 10-5 sat

This is a gently used clothing and accessories shop. In the pictures it looks mostly geared towards women =)

Collver Family Winery
$20 gift certificate spent $8 10-5 sat

This Winery does Murder Mystery evenings I would LOVE to attend some time (obviously not this year with two young children in tow lol). Still going to enjoy visiting and tasting some new wines.


FREE- June 15th is the first day of the Hannibal Downtown Art Fair. There is suppose to be all kinds of art, live music and etc... we thought it would be nice just to spend the afternoon immersed in the art of the Hannibal Art Fair =)

$7- $10 gift certificate to Chocolaterie Stam. Just a fun little treat for us =)

$7- $10 gift certificate to Gabriela's Mexican Restaurant. Supper =)

This evening is also Trevor's 10 year highschool reunion.

We haven't gone to any of our reunions yet (just never seems to work out timing wise) so it would be nice if we can work this one in =) Trevor said there were no definite times he knew of yet, but it sounded like there would be something in the evening we could do.

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