Monday, April 22

Vacation Plans- Hannibal Day

6/13 Thursday Hannibal Day

Cost So Far- $38

What We're Doing

$20- Family Membership to the Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museums. Includes free admission to museums. 10% off gift shop. Free entry to special exhibits. The museum entries include 9 different properties 1-2hrs to see all. Planning it for morning time.

FREE (with membership)- A True Story, Repeated Word For Word As I Heard It. Told by Gladys Coggswell as "Aunt Rachel," a former slave. Performances at 10 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Lunch picnic in park?  Hoping there will be a storybook trail or a scavenger hunt still active that we could do for part of our Hannibal day time after a lunch in the park.

FREE- Right now there is a storybook trail listed on the Hannibal parks and rec site. The scavenger hunt does not list a date it's over but the storybook trail is over May 6th. It says 'stay tuned for information on future storybook trails!' so I'm hoping there is another one when we go.

FREE-There is currently a scavenger hunt on the Hannibal parks and rec site, Tristian REALLY enjoys finding things, so scavenger hunts are always great activities to do with him. It includes a prize if you stop by Paddlewheel Popcorn after completing it. Which would be ideal as popcorn rarely is contaminated with gluten. So one child could have the prize and we would buy the same thing for the other.

$4- $10 gift certificate to Always In Style Boutique. Has a variety of things for purchase, including $1 greeting cards. Planning to go browse and see if there's anything that catches our eye. If not then will pick up 10 greeting cards we will have spent 40¢ each on.

$7- $10 gift certificate to Chocolaterie Stam. Just a fun little treat for us =)

FREE (with membership)- Mark Twain's Retreat: Personal Recollections of the Civil War. The Civil War as if told by Mark Twain (by a Mark Twain look a like). 40 minutes at 4pm.

$7- $10 gift certificate to Gabriela's Mexican Restaurant. I've felt bad that we haven't done much Mexican food since we figured out that I'm ridiculously allergic to corn. It's Trevor's favorite food. The other day it finally dawned on me that as long as I only eat the lettuce and topping in salad bowls or on top of nachos it's fine, lol. So I was happy to find these to help with the cost of some Mexican food on our vacation =) Using it for dinner this day before Music Under the Stars.

FREE- Music Under the Stars concert. This is why Hannibal Day is on Thursday! It's a free outdoor concert each Thursday during the summer in front of Samuel Clemens's Boyhood Home. We will be seeing Lyal Strickland (folk/american) who is from Missouri. That's him you can see in the YouTube video above with his doggy singing along, just fantastic! I hope the doggy is coming too, the boys would LOVE that! Starts at 7pm

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