Wednesday, April 24

Vacation Plans- Quincy Mall Day

Quincy, IL Mall Day 

Cost ATM $42.50

This is not set for a specific day yet, may depending on what movies are playing when or what is going on the rest of the week. 

$4.50- $10 Gift Certificate to Washington Perk. The is a coffee shop to go to the morning before our Mall Day activities. No planned time for the start of this day.

$10- $25 Village Vineyard and Winery Gift Certificate (also redeemable at HyVee Wine and Spirits on Broadway in Quincy). Trevor likes to stop in at other HyVees when we go places just to check them out. On top of that three of our previous coworkers (one being Trevor's previous direct boss) are in Quincy now- so I know we'll be stopping in to say, "Hi!" for sure. We also like to try new wines, spirits and beers when we can do so in a cost effective way so this was a nice deal to find. Planning for after coffee before heading to the mall.

$10- $25 Gift Certificate to Down The Playce. This is an old fashioned game store in the Quincy Mall. Going to pick out a new game to take to Grandma and Grandpa's and play with everyone.

$18- $25 Gift Certificate to TGI Friday. A restaurant in the Quincy Mall to eat lunch at.

UNKNOWN- Walk around the mall and check out the shops, maybe let the boys play a little at the arcade there.

FREE- Quincy Mall Children's Play Area to let the boys go play and run off some energy after lunch and before the movie.

GIFT- $25 AMC Theaters Gift Card. For the Quincy Mall Movie Theaters to go see a movie at. Looks like their show times start at around 4pm, but won't know much more about when or what we'll be watching til closer to time when listings are available.

FREE- The Quincy Shopper pamphlet with one time use discounts and promotions available at various Quincy places when you take in the pamphlet. May or may not use depending on time and desire.

FREE- Take our new game back to Monroe City to play with Trevor's family =)

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