Tuesday, April 23

Vacation Plans- Quincy Museums and Tours Day

Quincy, IL Tour and Museum Day 

Cost ATM $14.50

Friday 6/14 for the Blues in the District concert that night.

$4.50- $10 Gift Certificate to Washington Perk. The is a coffee shop to go to the morning before our Tour and Museum Day activities. Planning to be here at about 8am-8:30am.

$10- $50 BP Gas Gift Card. We are planning a lot of driving this day doing self guided driving tours and visiting several museums, no idea how much of this we'll end up using, maybe all maybe not.

FREE- Self Guided Driving Historic Tour pamphlet and map. Tour is suppose to take 1hr-1hr 20mins if you just drive and look, no stops. We are planning this for the morning of the Tour and Museum Day and do plan to stop and explore at least two of the locations. Planning 2 hours puts us finishing around 10:30am.

FREE- Self Guided Driving Storyboard Tour- Looking For Lincoln. Suppose to take about 90mins total time. There are 18 Storyboards throughout the city. At each site is a special 4inch Medallion that is designed to look like a coin and for making rubbings. With a free kit from the Lincoln Douglass Interpretive Center we can make a rubbing of each 'coin' to create a souvenir of the trip. Also planned for the morning of our Tour and Museum Day. Planning 2 hours puts finishing around 12:30pm.

PROMOTION- $25 Gift Certificate to The Maine Course. A Quincy restaurant. Yelp.com says dressy and not good for kids but Restaurant.com says casual and that they have high chairs, booster seats, a child's menu and a gluten free menu. So planning this for lunch during our Tour and Museum Day starting sometime around 12:30 or 1pm.

FREE- Adult Upass Museum Passport. Free entry for one adult to 10 different Quincy Museums. Will make visiting the various museums in Quincy much cheaper. No idea on time for this one, just planning to do after lunch until we are ready to be done for the day.

FREE- Museum Scavenger Hunt The Hunt Begins Pamphlet Activity. Fun things to be on the look out for at each museum. I think this will really add to Tristian's enjoyment of the afternoon.

FREE- Free Krazy Cake or Cookie. The prize for finding at least two of The Hunt Begins scavenger hunt items and turning your sheet in at Krazy Cakes Cafe and Bakery. Trace can possibly have this and we'll just bring something similar along for Tristian that is allergy free. Planning for after we are done with museums.


FREE- Trampled Under Foot, Blues in the District Concert starting at 5:30pm. I believe that is them in the YouTube video above =)

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