Friday, May 31

Grateful For #147: My Funny Boys

Earlier today Trace and Tristian were screaming in the car, Trace yelling his ABCs and Tristian saying A is for Apple, B is for Boy etc simultaneously both as loud as the could after Trevor and I had both asked them to quiet down multiple times I go, "Guys, Mom's about to get Angry." and Trace goes, "for A!" couldn't even do anything but laugh =p

Thank you God

Love Is (quotes from my husband)

Thursday, May 30

Greatful For #146: Rainbows After the Storm

Tristian saw this rainbow while he was eating dinner tonight.

Thank you God.

Boys Got Hair Cuts!!!

You might have noticed the boys were looking pretty shaggy the last few photos =p 
Not so now, so handsome!

Wednesday, May 29

Grateful For #145: New Watch (with helpful health functions)

I got my new watch today! Kinda bummed that it doesn't have a heart rate monitor (must have been a mistake in the description on Amazon) but it does still have the Pedometer (with steps, distance and speed), Activity monitor and Calories Burned monitor.Got it for $31.99 on amazon (original price was $79.99, just got lucky and the white version was really low atm, next cheapest option was in the $50s). Reebok- should last for a while =)

Thank you God.

Sidewalk Chalk Fun (pictures)

Grateful For #144: Progress

I can currently do rhythm boxing for 1.5-2 hours at a time with 4lb weights on each ankle and 3lb weights on each wrist WITHOUT FEELING OUT OF BREATH afterwards, as long as its not a bad allergy day, of course. But that is fantastic! I can do 200 side crunches plus 200 leg lifts in 15 minutes. Then I can still go on to walk for half an hour with 1.5lb weights on each ankle and wrist at 3.5mph WITHOUT FEELING OUT OF BREATH most days! You have no idea how amazing that is =) I still can not run, trying lands me on the couch with a nebulizer, not sure if I'll ever quit trying though- I miss running. But I am so very grateful for being able to breath as well as I can again most days. It is amazing =) Thank you God for helping me through the last few years when I couldn't.

Tuesday, May 28

Shaking My Head

I don't believe in that organic stuff... My doctor said it doesn't have all the nutrients in it.

Catholic is NOT Christian... and what does some English king have to do with me being Baptist!?

Stay tuned for more from Real Life Quotes that Make My Head Hurt!

And now, a sneak peek from the upcoming Weird Things People Say to Their Cashier-

You know what? You have a nicely shaped head. Like an egg.

On to a more uplifting segment, The World from a Child's Viewpoint.

Are these clothes? Yes, those are Dad's pants. Oh, I thought it was a sheet!

Hey Mom, a lion looks like a dog but it's not a dog and a tiger looks like a cat but it's not a cat.

Sunday, May 26

Grateful For #140, #141, #142

Whooops! The last couple evenings the Grateful For posts totally slipped my mind! So...

Friday- #140 Finding several excellent new authors (to me) among kindles free to $0.99 books.

Yesterday- #141 We won the IXL Facebook Photo contest =) That was today's post too, but we found out yesterday morning. If you want to see the picture just click previous at the bottom of this post and it's in the previous post =) Pretty darn awesome. We get a family basket of goodies as a prize (other option was a class party, but we homeschool).

Today- #142 Cranberry Juice. I had a UTI hit me very suddenly this evening, so Trevor (my darling, amazing husband) ran out and got me a couple bottles of Just Cranberry juice (nothing added). Hopefully it will kick this crud out of my system without needing to see a doctor =p

Thank you God for all the above!

We Won IXL's Facebook Sweepstakes!

You might remember my first post about IXL being awesome (can see it by CLICKING HERE) or the more recent post- Our IXL Moment (see by CLICKING HERE) when we entered a photo of Tristian into the IXL Facebook Sweepstakes. Well, yesterday we woke up to an email titled- You've won IXL's Facebook Sweepstakes!

This is the picture we entered-

Saturday, May 25

Can I Legally Put a Photo of You (or your child) Online?

Can pictures be posted without permission of others online? Legally? Yes, if the poster owns the copyright or has permission from the copyright holder and the picture was taken in a public area. Also yes if taken at an event (concert, party, etc...) or in any situation where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. That's true for both adults and children.

Friday, May 24

I Wish I Could Sleep Like That (in a nest of pillows)

Trace did not want to go to sleep the other night and this is how he ended up falling asleep.... in a nest of pillows. So adorable =)

Thursday, May 23

Grateful For #139 Getting Farther on the House (again)

We had some contractors out today to do an estimate on the work on the house. Should have those Monday. We have a feeling we already know which one we are going with though. The same contractor who I came away from my phone calls thinking, "This guy seems like a genuine nice, competent fellow." is the same contractor that Trevor said he felt was the most in tune with what was going on and what we were looking for. Once that stuff is done though we will just be back to having the kitchen tiling to do and then it will be market time, yay!

Thank you God for the light at the end of the tunnel... again ;-)

Practical Pinterest Tip

This is an idea that I saw on Pinterest.

$3 at the dollar store for off brand zip lock bags and a permanent marker turn a mess of clothes into individually packed outfits, just waiting to be chosen and used.

Wednesday, May 22

Grateful For #138: Wii Fit Technology

I burned more then 800 calories and all but about 100 of that was on Wii Fit Plus doing things like Rhythm Boxing and Step. It really is just awesome technology that allows your punch to land on a tv screen punching bag!

UP 3.5lbs DOWN 2 Sizes... 0.o

So.... About a month ago I was down to 165lbs. Yesterday I was 168.5lbs. I've gained 3.5lbs back of the five I'd lost so far. However, I'm down form a size 12 to a size 10. Size 10 may not sound that big but I'm 5'3" so that 168.5lbs puts me 0.51lb away from being obese according to most charts.

My original goal was to comfortably fit into a lovely size 10 dress I found for $12, by my anniversary celebration evening (May 11th). I did =) (picture to the left). I've also kept all my other goals, exercise 3x a week. Etc... Just not loosing the weight. I think I'm a little frustrated at the emphasis that is put on weight. I am currently doing (with 1.5lb weights on each writst or ankel) rhythm boxing for 40mins, 30mins yoga and 30 mins stepping. The 3 times a week is drastically down from what I use to do before my last pregnancy, but more realistic with my current medical situation (and two kids). Still, I am obviously doing something right if I'm down 2 sizes, regardless of weight.

Tuesday, May 21

Grateful For #137: Thrift Store Clothing

We had about a weeks worth of summer clothing for each boy in their current size. I wanted to be able to pack clothes for our vacation early and still have clothes for them to wear in the mean time. So we headed to Good Will and bought 7 outfits for Trace, 6 outfits for Tris (shorts and sleeveless or tshirts for both kids) and a pair of swim shorts for Trace. We spent $40 total (Traces clothes were $1 each except the swim shorts were $2 and Tristian's were $2 each). Assuming $8 retail cost per summer outfit I saw for Trace's size at Walmart and $4 an item I've seen for a summer separates sale in Tris' size at JcP (making his outfits also $8 each) and assuming we could have found swim shorts for Trace for $5 retail makes a retail cost of $109. $69 more then we spent =)

Thank you God for affordable clothing options!

Daddy and Tristian Explore Google Earth

This is an amazing resource!!! You can see and explore parts of the world in 3D. If you are learning about the Pyramids, Colosseum, St. Louis Arch or whatever- you can actually explore with hands on 3D using a tablet. Just such an awesome homeschool resource!

Monday, May 20

Grateful For #136: Mimicking Play

One of the most fun things to watch is children playing at being adults. Mimicking play. This was our boys version of traffic =) It was complete with vroom vroom, signal tickers sound effects and everything else.

Thank you God for chlidren's play.

Tristian's Pentecost Play

The rehearsal for the Pentecost Play Tristian's Catechism put on yesterday was Saturday. Trevor had to work Sunday so we didn't get to see the actual play. The rehearsal was scheduled during Saturday Mass (thought was odd to schedule a Catechism play's rehearsal during a Mass time) so we had to leave before Tris got to perform his class's part of the rehearsal. Still he seemed to have fun during rehearsal.

He was very excited about the play Sunday morning. Papa and Mimi took him and when he got home said his favorite part of the play was his class's part with the Holy Spirit =)

Rehearsal pictures below.

Sunday, May 19

Grateful For #135: Tristian Enjoying His Pentecost Play

Tristian had his Catechism Class's Pentecost Play rehearsal yesterday and the play today. He was very excited about it and had a lot of fun =)

Thank you God for his Catechism and Pentecost Play.

Hannibal and Quincy Candy Bars

Saturday, May 18

Grateful For #134: Still Having a Vacation Date!

Lol, seriously though! With Trevor getting promoted we weren't sure that he would be able to take vacation still the week we were planning on because another Manager Of will also be on vacation the same week. However Trevor talked to the Store Director and got the green light to still take vacation the week of June10th-16th. Which is good because a few of our certificates where bought once I knew the date and was close enough that they wouldn't expire before vacation. If we had to take a later date they would have expired 0.o Yay for it not changing!

Woo-Hoo! Car Loan Paid Off =)

We no longer have a car loant, YAY!

We've been paying the loan ahead as often as we could since we got our Black PT Cruiser 2008 in August of 2010 (when Trace was 5 weeks old). We finally paid off the last $1009.32 this month!

Final cost of buying the cruiser:

Friday, May 17

Grateful For #133: Trace Healing

This picture was taken Wednesday, one week from when Trace tried to smash his head open on concrete. It's incredible how quickly children can heal!!!

Thank you God for a quickly healing Trace.

Vacation and Zoo Treats (to take along)

Last year we had animal shaped Gummy Lolipops from Dollar Tree to take to the Zoo for the boys. A special, themed treat cheaper then buying goodies there. This year I found these at Big Lots-

Cost us a total of $7.50

One 3oz Milk Chocolate Bar
One 3oz Crunchy Chocolate Bar
3pk of Popping Candy w/ Lollipop
12pk wrapped Gummy Animals
6pk of Rainbow Fish Lollipos
One 12.8oz Cranapple Granola

There are also more goodies pictures below for our vacation, also found at Big Lots.

Thursday, May 16

Grateful for #132: Icecream Chalk

Trace got excited and then tried to eat it! He gave me the craziest look like, 'Mom, this tastes awful!' Then when I told him it was chalk he was excited all over again.

Thank you God for easy to please two year olds.

Gravity, Balloons and Fans (and pictures)

The boys having a blast exploring gravity with a balloon and a fan =)

Wednesday, May 15

Grateful For #131: Growth Hormone Delivered Again

Insurance finally got things figured out, and we have Tristian's growth hormone shots again.

3 Oil Changes and 2 Car Washes- $50!

So... when we had the radiator repaired we found out it was possibly from Jiffy Lube putting the wrong kind of radiator fluid in it and mixing kinds. We've never put any in ourselves and we've only gone to Jiffy Lube because Trevor has been adamant about using then since we got together. So after possibly costing us $425 in repairs from a pretty serious mistake (they made the mistake, out of benefit of the doubt and fairness I feel compelled to say that it may or may not have been the actual reason the radiator needed fixed, but is a good guess as to why) I finally convinced my husband to let me look for oil change deals.

Tuesday, May 14

Grateful For #130: Photo Creativity

My picture letter word art on my tablet home screen. The L Iis Trace and Trevor sitting on a rock at Cosmo Park. The O is a picture of a flower Trevor took. The V is Tristian and Trace on Santa's lap the christmas before last. The E is part of a leaf emblem on a step from a picture of Trace at a different park.

Thinking about maybe doing an activity with the boys with picture letters. Could be fun :)

Thank you God for creativity.

Our IXL Moment

There is a current IXL moment sweepstakes going on through facebook (CLICK HERE), this is the pictures we decided to submit for it :)

First Mothers Day Camera Pictures!!!

Very First Picture Taken With The Camera!

More Below

Monday, May 13

Grateful For #129: Homeschool Freebies

Homeschool Buyers Co-op (CLICK HERE to visit) is giving away one free purchase for Mother's Day (Offer Expires 05-15-2013 at 11:59 pm Pacific). Any one item free in the SmartPoints Vendors Hall (normal cost ranges from 200-1000 points or $5-$22). I almost missed this myself! I just happened to be looking for something and stumbled on it. If you are a member already or not head over. It's free to sign up as a member and you get free discounts on lots of homeschool resources and curriculum through the group (it's what we bought our IXL membership through).

Thank you God for affordable (and free) homeschool options.

Awesome Mother's Day Gift!

So excited about my Mother's Day gift!!! For Mother's Day my 3 boys got me a Fuji FinePix S4400 camera, carry case and 32 GB SD card. Trevor saw a deal on MyPoints for $129.99 for the camera, carry case and etc... Tax was $6.33. Through his MyPoints account he got 6 points per dollar and by using our Discover card  he got $1.36 cash back. He also bought a 32GB class 4 Sandisc SD card for $20.11 from Amazon with the Amazon card for 60 points. The whole thing cost about $156.43 plus $7.01 back in gift card rewards.

If you want to see the complete technical specifications of the camera you can CLICK HERE, it's pretty long and you will probably have to click to zoom in to be able to read it.

Saturday, May 11

Grateful For #127: Celebrating Together

Trevor and I got to celebrate sorta three things tonight- his promotion, our 5th wedding anniversary and mother's day. Above are pictures of us at Truman's and at The Blue Note for a Ben Rector concert.

Thank you God for a wonderful evening.

Love Charm Bracelet

Trevor and My anniversary was May 3rd and tonight we are celebrating with dinner out and a concert at The Blue Note =)

So LOVE is on my mind.

This is just a fun bracelet I made up to wear tonight celebrating that particularly wonderful emotion =)

Friday, May 10

Grateful For #126: Trevor Being Promoted!!!

Tristian, Trace and  Cousin Roree holding up the card
they helped make for Trevor =)
Congratulations to Columbia's newest HyVee Manager of Perishables!!! 

So proud of and happy for you!

Thank you God for Trevor's promotion!

$2 Decorating Tumbler Craft (dollar store)

We found these decorate your own kid size tumblers at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

Thursday, May 9

Grateful For #125: Grocery Savanger Hunts

We went shopping tonight and Trevor's HyVee had a springtime party kids scavanger hunt going on. Tristian had a ton of fun doing it (a lot lot lot of fun, hopefully the vacation scavanger hunts are enjoyed as much). He got a little goody bag for finishing and was so happy he found all the clues. Too cute.

Thank you God for fun activities!

My Funny Honey

Trevor playing around with the front camera on his tablet.

A Google/Asus Nexus 7 I bought as a surprise for him last month. Tablet and accessories cost $170 in gift card rewards plus $170 in out of pocket money.

Wednesday, May 8

Grateful For #124: Trace Being OK and Devin and Caleb appearing minutes after he fell.

Trace has a very, very large bump after falling off the slide in the back yard onto the concrete patio, head first.

Trace in his hat just about half an hour before he fell off the top of the slide he's sitting on there. You can see a side shot of the bump with Mimi holding him above.

You might be getting older...#2

...when you realize a twenty minute car ride really only takes twenty minutes, not the two or three hours it seemed to take when you were a child. I can remember mom taking us shopping to get that new video game we had been saving up our money to get. The trip 20 mile drive to Hannibal was long enough, but after we had made our purchase and all we wanted to do was sit cross legged in the middle of the living room floor and get lost in our new adventure, the same 20 mile seemed to turn into an eternity.

Tuesday, May 7

Grateful For #123: My Beautiful Kitty

Bubbles enjoying 'his spot' behind the bushes.

Thank you God for Bubbles (as named by Davey).
I've had him for 9 years this month =) 

What are you grateful for?

Choosing a Fitness Site (what I stuck with)

The last couple days I've posted about my journey figuring out what online weightloss resource to use. I was initially surprised when the one I had used with great success in the past (SparkPeople) turned out to nolonger be a good fit. I then hit two additional no goes before finding three sites that would be decent fits. MyFitnessPal, FatSecret and CalorieCount

Monday, May 6

Grateful For #122: Allergy Medicine

Thank you God for allergy medicine.

Choosing a Fitness Site (options I liked)

Yesterday's post was about three sites that did not work well for me this go round with loosing weight. Today's post is about three that I do like =) I ended up realizing that my list of wants for a fitness site included:

   *Intuitively being able to use the site when I do use it
   *Having a widget, badge or ticker showing progress on this blog.
   *Having an intuitive and smoothly functioning android app
   *Having an android widget to see basics from android page screen
   *Not costing a high monthly fee to use
   *Being able to track weight, water, food, exercise and normal calorie burn
   *Being able to see an analysis of your daily diet (nutrient totals, etc)

After three no gos I finally wandered onto a site that I thought might actually work for me. I found out about it by seeing it talked about in a review of another fitness site.

Sunday, May 5

Grateful For #121: The Light At The End

Last month was rought, this month hasn't been a cake walk thus far. We still have no idea what is going on with the health insurance for the boys, but we do have a finalized estimate for the house and should be getting that deposited tomorrow or the next day. That means we can start work on the house (again). Two steps back, one step forward... but I'll take it =p

Thank you God.

What are you grateful for today?

Choosing a Fitness Site (what didn't work for me)

So a couple weeks ago I decided it was time to get serious about loosing weight again. I still weighed almost exactly what I weighed the day after giving birth to Trace, not having deviated a few pounds one way or another for nearly 3 years. Can't breathe, can't run. Breastfeeding, can't diet. Frustrating. However, Trace is finally slowing down on breastfeeding, about once a day and not very long when he does. I've also resigned myself to the fact that despite my peak flows getting much higher then they were, my lungs just aren't going to do running yet. Soon hopefully, but not yet. So to help with loosing weight Trevor and I have been doing walks in the evening 3 days a week and I've cut my calories down.

I knew I needed some form of tracking and accountability... So here's my take of three online fitness sites I tried out that didn't work for me. Tomorrow I'll talk about three that did.

Saturday, May 4

Grateful For #120: Senator Blunt Voting No On CRPD

I posted a few days ago about the UN's disability treaty. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE.

I was happy to learn that in Missouri (my state) Roy Blunt voted no on ratifying CRPD in December 2012 and replied to my email confirming that he feels the laws in place already exceed the CRPD standards.

Thank you Senator Blunt! Please God be with our senators across the states if they are called to make this decision again this year.

What are you grateful for today?

Insurance Makes My Head Hurt

Pharmacy can't ship Tris medicine because insurance says they won't pay it. We talk to insurance and insurance tells us they won't pay for medication because it's not sure Tris needs it. We tell his doctor what we are told. His doctor talks to insurance they tell him the won't pay for medicine b anymore (that we switched to because insurance told us they wouldn't pay for medicine a, had to be medicine b) now we are suppose to switch back to medicine a. The doctor writes a new script, and it goes to the pharmacy. Pharmacy tries to fill it and insurance says no. Pharmacy calls us and tells us. We tell pharmacy that should be fixed. Pharmacy calls insurance back and then calls us to say that insurance still says they won't pay for anything because they aren't sure Tris needs it, which is not what they told Tristian's doctor was the issue.

Friday, May 3

Grateful For #119: Our Friendly Friday =)

Thank you God for Ella and Amanda coming over today to play with us.

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary, Trevor!

Five years ago or today I've never had a doubt
You are who I am meant to walk through life with hand in hand
I love you forever and always

Thursday, May 2

Grateful For #118: Not Having Too Many Errands On A Rainy Day

Thank you God for us getting almost all our errands done before it started raining. So we get to be inside and cozy during this rainy afternoon.

What are you grateful for today?

Fifth Anniversary on a Budget =)

Tomorrow, May 3rd, is our fifth wedding anniversary =) I know Trevor really wants to do something special for this but is feeling like we just don't have the money to. So, I set a budget of $50 for this and was hoping to surprise him- if you know me irl you know I am awful at surprises. I just don't 'get' the whole surprise thing. But Trevor does so I was hoping I could make this even more special by keeping it a secret. I'm planning this for May 11th because that's a Saturday and his normal day off. I was going to call his boss a couple weeks before to ask if he can make sure that would be his day off that week too but to not tell Trevor because I was planning a surprise. I was going to give him the tickets/restaurant certificate/etc as his gift on our anniversary =)

.... Notice I've been saying was?

Wednesday, May 1

Grateful For #117: Doing It Anyways

This morning I was dragging sooo bad. I am still really tired for some reason (blaming allergies). As much as I wanted to just ignore exercise today I still did half an hour each of Walking, Rhythm Boxing and Yoga. Yay me ;-)

Thank you God for giving me the gumption to do it anyways =)

What are you grateful for today?

UN Disability Treaty Will Take Rights From A Child's Greatest Advocate- Their Parent

Parents with disabled children often already have an upward battle in fighting for what is best for their individual child. The UN's disability treaty would take that right away from who is ultimately each disabled child's greatest advocate, their parent. It would give the right of decision making to someone who would be basing decisions on statistics and other cases. Not on the knowledge and insight only the person who has raised a child can have about what is best for that individual child. Please do not do let that happen!

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