Friday, May 10

$2 Decorating Tumbler Craft (dollar store)

We found these decorate your own kid size tumblers at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

Picked up stickers for them there too. Spent $4 total on two tumblers and 2 packs of stickers. We chose Tonka and animal stickers. Each pack had 3 identical sheets in it with 12 stickers on them each. So Tristian and Trace both got one sheet of each set.

Add some crayons and creativity and the boys had a blast making their own scenes and stories for their tumblers. Stickers plus tumblers made them $2 each.

Fantastic rainy day project!


  1. Those are great! I'll have to keep my eyes open for those!

    1. Ikr!? This is certainly one of the more awesome projects we found at the dollar tree =) I was in there picking up cotton swabs and the like and just could not pass those by ;-)

  2. Those are so fun! Looks like they had a good time. :) Visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop.


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