Wednesday, May 15

3 Oil Changes and 2 Car Washes- $50!

So... when we had the radiator repaired we found out it was possibly from Jiffy Lube putting the wrong kind of radiator fluid in it and mixing kinds. We've never put any in ourselves and we've only gone to Jiffy Lube because Trevor has been adamant about using then since we got together. So after possibly costing us $425 in repairs from a pretty serious mistake (they made the mistake, out of benefit of the doubt and fairness I feel compelled to say that it may or may not have been the actual reason the radiator needed fixed, but is a good guess as to why) I finally convinced my husband to let me look for oil change deals.

With minimal looking I very quickly lighted on and found the $15 for an Auto Tech of Columbia oil change in the automotive section. I checked my email and found there was a 15% off mothersday code (that was code- mothersday) expiring that day. The discount took the certificates down to $12.75 each =) I bought three since there are no actual expiration on these, but the site FAQ states 'There are no expiration dates on our certificates unless otherwise noted, but we do ask they be used within one year of purchase.'

I also saw a Tiger Express car wash gift certificate (good for any car wash). We don't wash the car often (I know, I know). Honestly though we maybe wash the car twice a year at most and go with the cheapest option. We haven't washed our car yet coming out of winter (really need to) so this caught my eye.The certificates were $8.50 each. Pretty good deal when their lowest car wash costs that much and this one is good for their most expensive options. However, the certificates become $7.25 each if you buy two or more. Really good deal, so of course I bought two. Then, with the 15% off code it took it down to $6.16 and $6.17 each =) Absolutely awesome price for a top of the line car washes including: Manually Prep Car, Exterior Wash, White Wall, Underbody, Wheel Brite Armor All Tire Shine, Triple Polish, Armor All, Body-Shield, Clear Coat, Spot Free Rinse, Dryers, and a 2-Day Clean Guarantee.

For a total cost of $50.58 we got 3 oil changes and 2 top of the line car washes. Basically got the rest of the years routine car stuff $50. FANTASTIC =)

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