Monday, May 13

Awesome Mother's Day Gift!

So excited about my Mother's Day gift!!! For Mother's Day my 3 boys got me a Fuji FinePix S4400 camera, carry case and 32 GB SD card. Trevor saw a deal on MyPoints for $129.99 for the camera, carry case and etc... Tax was $6.33. Through his MyPoints account he got 6 points per dollar and by using our Discover card  he got $1.36 cash back. He also bought a 32GB class 4 Sandisc SD card for $20.11 from Amazon with the Amazon card for 60 points. The whole thing cost about $156.43 plus $7.01 back in gift card rewards.

If you want to see the complete technical specifications of the camera you can CLICK HERE, it's pretty long and you will probably have to click to zoom in to be able to read it.

I would be lying if I said I knew what half that stuff meant 0.o I remember when we were pregnant with Tris and looking to buy a digital camera a professional photographer friend of ours (who did our wedding pictures actually) told us we needed to get at least 7mp to get decent pictures, so we got one with 8mp just to be safe.... Now even my phone has an 8mp camera =p This has twice what we were told was good then, and has 28x optical zoom =) I do know what that means, lol.

I looked up reviews for both this camera and the series in general and the reviews are pretty good =) I am super excited! We've been using our smartphones for cameras because I couldn't see shelling out $50-$100 for a digital camera that was nearly the same function and quality wise as what we already had on our phones. I am really excited about the 28x optical zoom and seeing what sort of pics I can get now. Especially with vacation, zoo and birthdays coming up!!!

I have wanted a nice camera for a while but we just couldn't shell out the hundreds of dollars for one, so this was awesome =)

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