Monday, May 6

Choosing a Fitness Site (options I liked)

Yesterday's post was about three sites that did not work well for me this go round with loosing weight. Today's post is about three that I do like =) I ended up realizing that my list of wants for a fitness site included:

   *Intuitively being able to use the site when I do use it
   *Having a widget, badge or ticker showing progress on this blog.
   *Having an intuitive and smoothly functioning android app
   *Having an android widget to see basics from android page screen
   *Not costing a high monthly fee to use
   *Being able to track weight, water, food, exercise and normal calorie burn
   *Being able to see an analysis of your daily diet (nutrient totals, etc)

After three no gos I finally wandered onto a site that I thought might actually work for me. I found out about it by seeing it talked about in a review of another fitness site.

MyFitnessPal has an awesome free app and has tickers and badges to put on your personal blog which are automatically updated and I really like the set up of those. While using it I realized it was lacking one thing I really wanted to stay on top of things. An Android screen widget. The app was great, but having a screen view would have helped. It does easily allow you to track water, weight, calories and exercise.

Maybe I was being too picky, I mean- was I really going to find one system that had everything I wanted? Still I looked around a little more until I hit on FatSecret

Site isn't as pretty as the others but is very easy to use, so that's a plus. They also have a great free app that works smoothly and has a screen widget! Fantastic! Just like the site isn't too fancy the ticker is really plain, but it can be posted to a blog or anywhere, so they have that going for them compared to some sites. I really, really like the way it has your total calories used in a day. You have sleep and rest as your base calories burned for the day and those reduce as you add in new activities. It really lets you see how the whole calorie intake to calorie output works, much better then just tracking exercises. Very nice set up.

CalorieCount. This one also tracks the total calories burned in a day instead of just exercise =) It has a free app that is a nice set up, you can easily track water and food and exercise with. I also really like the analysis in the app to get an overview of how you're doing in general and on specific nutrients. Neither of the other two apps have anything like that. CalorieCount does have a ticker available to add to a personal page or blog, so that's a plus.

Unlike the other two which are completely free sites, CalorieCount, while the site and app are both free in their basic forms, both have upgrades for a fee. You have premium food logging for another $3.33 a montha and you can upgrade the app to not have ads. There is also a dietitian consultation service ($24.99mo) where a dietitian can offer advice and look over your diet. On that particular note I thought I would mention that you may have a dietitian available at your local grocery store (many HyVee's do) that you could meet with for free to go over diet and food logs. Not as conveinent, but much cheaper ;-)

Tomorrow's post will be about what system I decided to use =)

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