Sunday, May 5

Choosing a Fitness Site (what didn't work for me)

So a couple weeks ago I decided it was time to get serious about loosing weight again. I still weighed almost exactly what I weighed the day after giving birth to Trace, not having deviated a few pounds one way or another for nearly 3 years. Can't breathe, can't run. Breastfeeding, can't diet. Frustrating. However, Trace is finally slowing down on breastfeeding, about once a day and not very long when he does. I've also resigned myself to the fact that despite my peak flows getting much higher then they were, my lungs just aren't going to do running yet. Soon hopefully, but not yet. So to help with loosing weight Trevor and I have been doing walks in the evening 3 days a week and I've cut my calories down.

I knew I needed some form of tracking and accountability... So here's my take of three online fitness sites I tried out that didn't work for me. Tomorrow I'll talk about three that did. Get a 100% FREE Online DietI used SparkPeople the first time I lost weight... It was fantastic and I fully expected to use it again with just as great results. I was wrong. I just couldn't get into it this time. The app they have costs $3.99 and doesn't work smoothly. Also there is nothing that can be shared- not badge, nor widget wise or even a simple ticker on a personal page like this blog. There was cool concept with an automatically updating quote of the day image, but the source url for it was broken. What free time I do have online is spent on this blog, so having something showing my progress right on the blog seemed to be the best form of accountability. With SparkPeople that concept was completely that's lacking.

I do want to say that the same system, same set up, same site worked amazingly well for me the first time around after having my oldest. That was before smart phones though and before I had my own blog. SparkPeople is a wonderful, self contained environment for weightloss. It has a ton of forums and a great set up to connect with others and get support, track you weight, eating and exercise. Get tips and so much more. I would still suggest it as a site to give a look if you are looking, it just wasn't the right fit for me this time around.

So, having decided I needed something that linked my accountability with my main source of online socialism, I looked for a fitness site that had blog widgets. I found FitLink. Which cost $5 just to sign up =/ Unfortunately FitLink's site was really really not intuitive for me. They had a helpful little pop up person trying to explain what to do, but I just wasn't getting it. I struggled with how to add exercises and how to track foods and how to set up the profile in general. I'm sure there are many people for who FitLink works exactly how they expect such a site to work, but it doesn't for me. On top there was no app for android at all- which means no barcode scanning. Barcode scanning makes entering food, especially on the go, soooo much easier! I struggled with trying to figure out the site for a couple days (really not wanting to have wasted that $5) before I nixed FitLink as a possibility all together.

Does have a neat exercise widget thought- <br/><a href=''>Exercise Log</a>

The third site I looked into was Weight Watchers... Now, FitLink may have gotten $5 out of me but there was no way I was spending either $56.85 for the first three months or $29.95 sign up fee plus $18.95 a month. Just to use a site -.- They do have a free app.... but that doesn't quite make up for the $18.95 a month fee 0.o

Tomorrow's post is about three sites that I did like quite a bit =)

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