Tuesday, May 7

Choosing a Fitness Site (what I stuck with)

The last couple days I've posted about my journey figuring out what online weightloss resource to use. I was initially surprised when the one I had used with great success in the past (SparkPeople) turned out to nolonger be a good fit. I then hit two additional no goes before finding three sites that would be decent fits. MyFitnessPal, FatSecret and CalorieCount

To tell the truth, I had no idea which system I liked more, I still really don't. How I ended up choosing was by using all three at the same time and seeing which one I ended up with.

CalorieCount was the first one I stopped using after just a few days. I think because it was a mix of the other two (as far as tracking water like MyFitnessPal, showing total calories burned per day like FatSecret) but did not have as intuitive of an app for me personally. I still think the app is great, it just didn't end up being the one I was most comfortable using. I do really really like the analysis page of CalorieCount's app though, and really wish one of the other two had a similar resource.

A handful of days after that I found myself nolonger wanting to enter food and exercise into MyFitnessPal. I honestly think in this case it was the on screen android widget that made FatSecret the one I stuck with the most. It was so easy to just hit the plus sign on food or exercise, scan the food barcode or find the exercise, save and be done. I still track my weight on both.... because I do really like MyFitnessPal's badges and tickers I put on the blog =)

So in the end I chose two fitness sites to use this time around with weight loss. One for accountability- MyFitnessPal and being able to put badges/ticker on here and one for personal tracking- FatSecret with their awesome on screen android widget. Hey... whatever works, right!?

What system(s) do you use for fitness?

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