Thursday, May 2

Fifth Anniversary on a Budget =)

Tomorrow, May 3rd, is our fifth wedding anniversary =) I know Trevor really wants to do something special for this but is feeling like we just don't have the money to. So, I set a budget of $50 for this and was hoping to surprise him- if you know me irl you know I am awful at surprises. I just don't 'get' the whole surprise thing. But Trevor does so I was hoping I could make this even more special by keeping it a secret. I'm planning this for May 11th because that's a Saturday and his normal day off. I was going to call his boss a couple weeks before to ask if he can make sure that would be his day off that week too but to not tell Trevor because I was planning a surprise. I was going to give him the tickets/restaurant certificate/etc as his gift on our anniversary =)

.... Notice I've been saying was?

Trevor was trying to help me out one evening in February and was picking up a mess Trace had just made by getting into my purse and dumping everything out then strewning it around the room. I had just gotten two of the gift certificates I'd bought to use for the evening and they were inside an envelope folded up inside a piece of paper. Except Trace likes taking things out of stuff (like my purse) and so Trevor picked up the certificates (which are made to look like tickets because of where they are to) and turned to me as I was walking into the room with a very inquiring expression. To which (to his surprise) my response was to nearly start crying while I said, "NO, this ruins EVERYTHING!" Which just got me an even more confused husband until I explained my plans. He was convincingly delighted with the idea, but I would have loved actually getting to surprise him with the arrangements. Like I said... I really am bad at surprises :-/

I was going to wait and post this on May 4th, the day after I gave it to Trevor for our anniversary. Another was. Instead I did it for the day before our anniversary. Here's the plan so far....

I had some free credit to from a promotion a while back and Truman's is one of the options. Trevor and I use to go to Truman's Bar and Grill all the time when we were dating, so I thought it would be fun to revisit for our anniversary. It's a $25 gift certificate with a $35 minimum purchase, plus tip. So we'll spend about $15 or so there, ish after tip.

Ben Rector is playing on May 11th at the Blue Note. Tickets are $15 each ahead of time. I bought 2 $20 gift certificates from Shop Mid Mo for $13 each plus 14% off through a valentines day promotion sent in one of their emails back in February. So $22.36 for $40 in certificates to the Blue Note! I used those to buy two ticket and got the remaining $10 on a gift card that we can use for drinks that night.

Even with tips and whatever we should still end up around $40-$50 for the night. My mom has said she can watch the boys =) Without the deals dinner at the same restaurant, going to the same concert and buying the same $10 worth of drinks and tips could have cost $80+! Pretty freaking awesome =)

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