Wednesday, May 8

Grateful For #124: Trace Being OK and Devin and Caleb appearing minutes after he fell.

Trace has a very, very large bump after falling off the slide in the back yard onto the concrete patio, head first.

Trace in his hat just about half an hour before he fell off the top of the slide he's sitting on there. You can see a side shot of the bump with Mimi holding him above.

We were in the ER for a couple hours, no scan but he didn't have any bad signs. No vomiting, passing out, etc... acting normal, knew his name, favorite color, etc... Just very, very scary. The amazing part is that my phone stopped working this morning, well the microphone part. Trevor offered to leave his phone when he was on break but I said, "No, Mom will be home in a few hours. We'll be fine." So when Trace fell I had no way to get a hold of anyone except through text. While I am frantically trying to text Amanda (since I knew Trevor wouldn't check his during work) the door bell rang. It was Devin, Caleb, Roree and Henry. Talk about Devine Intervention. Devin stayed with Tris and her two while Caleb rushed me and Trace to the ER. 

Thank you Caleb and Devin, and thank you so very much God for having them stop in just minutes (literally, about 2 minutes) after Trace fell.

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