Tuesday, May 21

Grateful For #137: Thrift Store Clothing

We had about a weeks worth of summer clothing for each boy in their current size. I wanted to be able to pack clothes for our vacation early and still have clothes for them to wear in the mean time. So we headed to Good Will and bought 7 outfits for Trace, 6 outfits for Tris (shorts and sleeveless or tshirts for both kids) and a pair of swim shorts for Trace. We spent $40 total (Traces clothes were $1 each except the swim shorts were $2 and Tristian's were $2 each). Assuming $8 retail cost per summer outfit I saw for Trace's size at Walmart and $4 an item I've seen for a summer separates sale in Tris' size at JcP (making his outfits also $8 each) and assuming we could have found swim shorts for Trace for $5 retail makes a retail cost of $109. $69 more then we spent =)

Thank you God for affordable clothing options!

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