Sunday, May 26

Grateful For #140, #141, #142

Whooops! The last couple evenings the Grateful For posts totally slipped my mind! So...

Friday- #140 Finding several excellent new authors (to me) among kindles free to $0.99 books.

Yesterday- #141 We won the IXL Facebook Photo contest =) That was today's post too, but we found out yesterday morning. If you want to see the picture just click previous at the bottom of this post and it's in the previous post =) Pretty darn awesome. We get a family basket of goodies as a prize (other option was a class party, but we homeschool).

Today- #142 Cranberry Juice. I had a UTI hit me very suddenly this evening, so Trevor (my darling, amazing husband) ran out and got me a couple bottles of Just Cranberry juice (nothing added). Hopefully it will kick this crud out of my system without needing to see a doctor =p

Thank you God for all the above!

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