Wednesday, May 29

Grateful For #144: Progress

I can currently do rhythm boxing for 1.5-2 hours at a time with 4lb weights on each ankle and 3lb weights on each wrist WITHOUT FEELING OUT OF BREATH afterwards, as long as its not a bad allergy day, of course. But that is fantastic! I can do 200 side crunches plus 200 leg lifts in 15 minutes. Then I can still go on to walk for half an hour with 1.5lb weights on each ankle and wrist at 3.5mph WITHOUT FEELING OUT OF BREATH most days! You have no idea how amazing that is =) I still can not run, trying lands me on the couch with a nebulizer, not sure if I'll ever quit trying though- I miss running. But I am so very grateful for being able to breath as well as I can again most days. It is amazing =) Thank you God for helping me through the last few years when I couldn't.

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