Sunday, May 19

Hannibal and Quincy Candy Bars

A couple days ago I posted about the vacation and zoo treats we picked up at Big Lots, and how it was awesome because the zoo ones were Animal Planet themed, so were perfect (you can see that post by CLICKING HERE).  I thought it would be neat to have special treats for our vacation that were also themed.... but you don't really run into Mark Twain or Lincoln candy very often.... lol.

So I made some =) There are two of each candy bar above. One for each child. Three are themed for specific things we are doing (Looking for Lincoln Storyboard Tour, Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museums and the Hannibal Art Fair). The other two are just themed to the area we'll be in. The train is the Mark Twain Zephyr running along side the Mississippi River between Hannibal and Quincy in 1945. The other is a picture of Quincy's Town Square in 1862. The images I used that weren't our own were found through Wikimedia Commons and are public domain with no restrictions (so the original images I used can be built upon and used for anything).

The wrappers were made by creating rectangle labels I printed off and glued onto scrapbook papers, then wrapping the paper around a chocolate bar (Hershey's plain milk chocolate is gluten free) and taping it together in back. Turned out pretty well, I think. Hopefully it will add a little more interest for the boys on vacation too ;-)

If you are wanting to use these exact labels because you are in or visiting the same area you can access a printable version with 2 of each label by CLICKING HERE

Have you ever made candy labels for anything?

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