Saturday, May 4

Insurance Makes My Head Hurt

Pharmacy can't ship Tris medicine because insurance says they won't pay it. We talk to insurance and insurance tells us they won't pay for medication because it's not sure Tris needs it. We tell his doctor what we are told. His doctor talks to insurance they tell him the won't pay for medicine b anymore (that we switched to because insurance told us they wouldn't pay for medicine a, had to be medicine b) now we are suppose to switch back to medicine a. The doctor writes a new script, and it goes to the pharmacy. Pharmacy tries to fill it and insurance says no. Pharmacy calls us and tells us. We tell pharmacy that should be fixed. Pharmacy calls insurance back and then calls us to say that insurance still says they won't pay for anything because they aren't sure Tris needs it, which is not what they told Tristian's doctor was the issue.

Tris hadn't grown for more then 2 years when we started the process for growth hormone. Except for a period right before he stopped growing altogether where he grew 6 inches in 2 months (which is clearly documented because of all the doctor visits, it's not something we just thought, it's a jump several different practices show). Even with the abnormal all on it's own 6 inches in 2 months in the mix, Tris was still the same height as a 2 year old when he started on growth hormone at 4 years old. Not to mention the fact that his body by itself produces less then 1/4th the non growth spurt minimum of growth hormone for a child. It's obvious to anyone that something is wrong with how Trisitain's body makes growth hormone. Then on top of it, while on daily growth hormone injection Tristian recently stopped growing again and had to have the dose increased. Please tell me what makes an insurance company think that a child without a growth disorder would not grow while having growth hormone injected?

We are nearing a month of Tristian not having growth hormone. That is time Tris is loosing in growing. If you don't know much about growth hormone disorders, know that time is important. All the growth hormone in the world will not help if you run out of the time when the body can put it to use. Will a month really hurt? Hopefully not, but it could- especially since children with growth disorders don't always follow the rules of how things like this should work out (obviously).

So we need to call the boy's doctor again and let him know. Hopefully we will know more by Monday of what needs to be done. Just frustrated and tired of the situation. Especially with it looking like we are going to be going through the same stuff with Trace soon.

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