Wednesday, May 1

UN Disability Treaty Will Take Rights From A Child's Greatest Advocate- Their Parent

Parents with disabled children often already have an upward battle in fighting for what is best for their individual child. The UN's disability treaty would take that right away from who is ultimately each disabled child's greatest advocate, their parent. It would give the right of decision making to someone who would be basing decisions on statistics and other cases. Not on the knowledge and insight only the person who has raised a child can have about what is best for that individual child. Please do not do let that happen!

As the parent of one child with autism/verbal learning/aspergers symptoms and both children with several medical conditions this treaty is extremely disturbing. It would take away my right to decide what is best for my children. The US already has extremely good laws for protecting those with disabilities. This does not add to them, it only takes away family/parental rights. Please consider reading about this and letting officials know if you oppose.

You can visit HSLDA's page about this by CLICKING HERE with access links to your officials.  Please let them know now if you oppose this treaty.

If you would like to look at a more in depth break down of why this treaty threatens rights please CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.


In Missouri (my state) Roy Blunt voted no on ratifying CRPD in December 2012 and replied to my email confirming that he feels the laws in place already exceed the CRPD standards. 

Thank you Mr. Blunt!

Clair McCaskill voted for ratifying the UN's treaty in December 2012 and has not yet replied to me.


  1. Thanks! I wrote both my senators and reposted this on my facebook.

  2. I have read much of the information about this treaty including what this is doing to parent in other countries and how it is implemented. This is an outrage that our politicians would even consider this treaty. I have and will again bombard my elected officials to entreat them to vote this treaty down.

  3. If you don't get replies in the affirmative from your sentators and congressmen that they have intentions of voting this down, please email them again and again and have all your friends do this for you on your behalf. This is very important. It is not just children with disabilities that will be affected though that in itself is serious, it affects all parents and we will have no rights over our own children

    1. I agree Pam, I've looked into what this has meant for other countries who have implemented it also. It's nothing short of terrifying.

  4. That is absolutely horrible. If that were the situation here or a risk I certainly wouldn't have agreed to Peanut's diagnosis either. Wow


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