Wednesday, May 22

UP 3.5lbs DOWN 2 Sizes... 0.o

So.... About a month ago I was down to 165lbs. Yesterday I was 168.5lbs. I've gained 3.5lbs back of the five I'd lost so far. However, I'm down form a size 12 to a size 10. Size 10 may not sound that big but I'm 5'3" so that 168.5lbs puts me 0.51lb away from being obese according to most charts.

My original goal was to comfortably fit into a lovely size 10 dress I found for $12, by my anniversary celebration evening (May 11th). I did =) (picture to the left). I've also kept all my other goals, exercise 3x a week. Etc... Just not loosing the weight. I think I'm a little frustrated at the emphasis that is put on weight. I am currently doing (with 1.5lb weights on each writst or ankel) rhythm boxing for 40mins, 30mins yoga and 30 mins stepping. The 3 times a week is drastically down from what I use to do before my last pregnancy, but more realistic with my current medical situation (and two kids). Still, I am obviously doing something right if I'm down 2 sizes, regardless of weight.

I use to exercise at least 5 days a week, sometimes all seven. I would run at least once a day, normally 3 times. When I got pregnant with Trace I was jogging half a hour 1-3 times a day, nearly every day but Sunday. I was 125-130lbs and in great shape. I had expected to continue to jog throughout the pregnancy, instead I spent the pregnancy just trying to continue to breathe. It's frustrating, really really frustrating. Unless you have been in the situation I don't know if anyone can understand just how frustrating it is to not be able to exercise not because you don't want to actually exercise, but because you physically can not. Or really, just how frustrating constantly not being able to breathe well is in general. If you have asthma, or have had pneumonia or bronchitis think about how awful breathing was during an acute stage, now imagine that being all the time, for years. It's horrible. 

My lungs physically will not allow me to jog. I know I've complained about this before, but it's really really frustrating. When I was younger I'd always before been able to just decide I was going to jog, push through the muscle pain (reasonably) use a nebulizer and enhalor and get up to jogging at a decent speed and duration quickly. That ability is dependent on lungs that work, even being an asthmatic before my lungs still functioned most the time with asthma medication. This time around, because of advice given by many well meaning joggers (but who just didn't understand) and my own stubborness I tried for the last year to jog since my lungs started doing so much better. I would jog in increments trying to move up. Being told your lungs will get use to it if you just keep at it. Let me tell you right now that is hog wash if your real probably is lungs that don't function correctly. If you are really really out of shape and that's your issue with the lungs not letting you jog... well yeah, I bet it does work if you just move up increments with the lungs functioning and building up like any other muscle. If your issue is severe hard to control asthma... no. Not breathing today is still going to be not breathing tomorrow. 

I finally stopped being stubborn and realized I had to find a different way to work out. Jogging may be the most efficient way to burn calories and get fit- it may be my thing, but it can't be my thing if I can't do it. So I looked for other exercises that seemed interesting. Rhythm boxing on wii has been a good fit. You get a decent work out. I add 1.5lb weights strapped to each of my wrists and ankles (about to move up to 3lbs on wrists and 5lbs on ankles) and do the expert work out 3 times. I keep them on for Yoga and stepping on the general principal that it's adding muscle and resistance. I have no idea how many calories I'm really burning, but I don't feel sore or tired after the exercises anymore, even with the added weights. So I think I'm doing pretty well, even if the scale isn't reflecting that, yet ;-)

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