Friday, May 17

Vacation and Zoo Treats (to take along)

Last year we had animal shaped Gummy Lolipops from Dollar Tree to take to the Zoo for the boys. A special, themed treat cheaper then buying goodies there. This year I found these at Big Lots-

Cost us a total of $7.50

One 3oz Milk Chocolate Bar
One 3oz Crunchy Chocolate Bar
3pk of Popping Candy w/ Lollipop
12pk wrapped Gummy Animals
6pk of Rainbow Fish Lollipos
One 12.8oz Cranapple Granola

There are also more goodies pictures below for our vacation, also found at Big Lots.

These above are Animal Planet goodies, one dollar a package and luckily they are all wheat free! So excited about that! These will be perfect to take with us to the Zoo for special treats and snacking throughout the day, along with the Enjoy Life granola we found for $2.50 (Enjoy Life is an allergy friendly food line). I probably didn't need to buy so many but the pictures on them are really nice and clear, which I think will add to the boys enjoying them at the zoo, where they can actually see these animals =) Besides, it's special day so we can indulge a little.. right?

We also picked up some treats for taking along on our vacation. Luckily none of what we found uses wheat =)

$8.50 got us 

Two 6oz bags mixed dried fruit
Two 6oz bags dried banana chips
One 12.8oz cranapple granola
One bag 90+ pieces asrt candy

I want to do some sort of themed treat for the vacation as well... but somehow doubt I'm going to find anything in stores. I am thinking about creating and printing Themed candy bar wrappers to wrap around bars we buy. One that's related to Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens for Hannibal day at the Mark Twain Boyhood Home museums, one related to Lincoln for the Looking for Lincoln during the Quincy Tour and Museum day. Etc...

Do you take treats along on trip or buy them where you go?

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