Sunday, May 26

We Won IXL's Facebook Sweepstakes!

You might remember my first post about IXL being awesome (can see it by CLICKING HERE) or the more recent post- Our IXL Moment (see by CLICKING HERE) when we entered a photo of Tristian into the IXL Facebook Sweepstakes. Well, yesterday we woke up to an email titled- You've won IXL's Facebook Sweepstakes!

This is the picture we entered-

We entered for the family gift basket prize (the other option was entering for a class party). Pretty darn cool..... and when we told Tris I said, "You remember when I told you we were going to send this picture to IXL for a contest? Guess what? You won!" He said, "Well, yeah." lol, in the exact same tone you'd say, 'of course'. Cracked me and Trev up ;-)

If you are looking at buying a subscription to IXL we bought ours through the free to join Homeschool Buyers Co-op (visit by CLICKING HERE, if you sign up please use my referral code- 130757). If you sign up for IXL through the group it's $49.99 + $1.95 order fee, so $51.94- for the Co-op's IXL page CLICK HERE. That's more then 35% off the normal yearly subscription fee of $79.99 =)

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