Saturday, June 29

Friday, June 28

Why Do We Blog?

I journal because it's what I do, because I care about the memories a journal captures. I post the entries because there are family and friends that care about what is going on and this was the best way Trevor and I could come up with for keeping them informed. 

Wednesday, June 26

Asthma vs Panic Attack

I Know You Can't Breathe But Are You Feeling Panicky Today?
I've never understood screening asthmatic patients for panic attacks- 

Do you feel panicky? Well, not as much as a I did a few moments ago. I've got air atm courtesy of the psuedo adrenalin I enhaled in large quantities on the way here. But as soon as this stuff wears off I'm probably gonna be in trouble again.

Do you feel like your heart is going to pound out of your chest? Well yeah, technically I just overdosed on Albuterol... that's what Albuterol does. Go ahead, take my pulse and you tell me if you think I should feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. 

**Or my favorite**

Tuesday, June 25

The Lost Art Of Cleaning Up Shoes

60 years ago the concept of tossing out perfectly good shoes just because they were scuffed up was alien. That was so easy to fix, why wouldn't you? Today I owe quite a few of my nice, name brand shoes to this lost concept.

It's so easy to grab a $3 pair of nice shoes that have just been scuffed and worn a bit and use cheap (dollar tree) supplies to make them look nice again. We aren't talking miracles of course (well, sometimes... If you spring for actual show polish you really can achieve miracles) but nice looking and very wearable ;-)

Monday, June 24

You're Thinking of the Animal, Not the Food!

Tristian: Do you know one of my favorite foods, Dad?
Dad: Chicken?
Tristian: Yes! What else?
Dad: Cow?
Tristian: You're being silly, you can't eat cows!
Dad: Wait, so you can eat chickens and not cows?
Tristian: You're thinking of the animal chicken, Dad. Not the food.

Friday, June 21

Thursday, June 20

Magnetic Chore Chart and Allowance

We are officially starting allowance for Tris. Starting pretty small. Each day he is good he gets one quarter. He gets to spend his money on whatever toys he wants. So we are talking about $7.50 max a month (yeah, we are cheap lol). Each month we'll make a trip to dollar general and he can pick something out. He's happy about ;-) He can 'earn' extra coins by helping us clean up and any coins he finds while cleaning are his to keep =)

We got the Melissa and Doug responsibility chart to use. His daily chores are brushing his teeth, getting dressed, putting toys away, cleaning up where he played at the end of the day, putting his clothes in the laundry and getting ready for bed. Nothing major, more just a way to have the money be earned. If he does everything then he gets a coin to put in his piggy bank.

Just started out, hopefully this goes well =)

Wednesday, June 19

Tristian's Birthday Day Park Pictures

We had Tristian's Birthday Day celebration in Monroe City at the south park. 

Trevor says his families never did goodie bags, maybe they didn't with such a large family and so many kids you would have to buy for. So we compromised =) Since we were doing it at a park, I bought 13 of the $1 2pk Kites from Dollar Tree. $14.08 total. Gives us 26 kites altogether, plenty for anyone to use a kite at the park or take one home and only about 54¢ a person for a party favor after tax. No other kids came besides Trent, but Grandma and Dad had plenty of fun with the kites anyways =)

More Pictures Below!

Tuesday, June 18

Tristian's Birthday Pictures

Saturday was the first day of Trevor's vacation, and Tristian's 6th Birthday! We had a get together in Columbia Friday afternoon/evening at my parents house. Here's the pictures from that.

Will post the pictures from Saturday tomorrow (and will be trying to post pictures from one vacation event each day until I've gone through all the vacation pics).

Monday, June 17

Some Heavy Stuff (rape jokes, graphic violence and society's lack of boundaries)

Introduction- This post was prompted by a fb share of a very dear friend. I often see him post or share things on subjects that I also have very strong feelings on. The link below was one of those shares-

I needed a little time to collect my thoughts and figure out how to say what I wanted, beyond just the obvious, "People are horrible." So here goes...

Saturday, June 15

Roll Up Piano- Gift Idea for the Boys?

A few months ago we spent a weekend in Monroe City visiting some of Trevor's family. During the time we got to spend an afternoon eating lunch and playing dominoes with Trevor's Grandma Irene and brother Trent. She had a roll up piano that was just so neat. Never even knew about them.

Trace had a blast on them and they are relatively inexpensive compared to other keyboard options (and most certainly compared to pianos lol).

Below you can see Trace playing on the roll up piano at Grandma Irene's.

Thursday, June 13

Actors and Politicians

Actors and Politicians. Two very different professions, right?

Let's look at the chart below:

Monday, June 10

Pre Vacation Cost $285 for $685.40 Worth ($400+ Savings)

Since this is our vacation week I have some posts already set up to go. I may try to get some current pictures up of our vacation through the week... but it's our vacation, so that may have to wait til next week ;-)

This is a breakdown of what we have already spent for our vacation week in the Monroe City/Hannibal MO and Quincy/Barry IL area.  We have spent $285 so far towards our vacation. The worth of what we've gotten with that $285 translates into $685.40 of vacation dollars- paper money, gift cards, vouchers or certificates to be used during our vacation. That's an average of $62% savings. However, much of this is meant to spent with additional money (namely the restaurant certificates we know we will be spending additional on the meals). We also know we will be spending another $70+ out of pocket for our Mark Twain Landing day. Even so, we are still looking at $400.40 of savings total by planing ahead and watching for deals before our vacation. Pretty darn awesome =)

Saturday, June 8

Grateful For #153: Celebrating with family and friends.

Thank you so much everyone who celebrated Tristian's birthday. We whole hesrtedly appreciate you helping to make this milestone special for him!

Happy Birthday Tristian!

Your Daddy and I love you so very very much!!! 

We will be celebrating in the south park in Monroe at 3pm today. Family/friends please stop by, we have lots of kites =)

Grateful for #152: Tristian's new bike!

Thank you Devin, Mark, Davey, Mimi and Papa!

Friday, June 7

Tristian's Bday Get Together

Today is Tristian's bday get together for those in Columbia area! Please feel free to come by if you have a moment to say hello and wish him happy bday. We will be at my parents call, text, email etc... if you need directions. Calynl @ gmail . com less the spaces.

We will be supplying gluten free cake, cookies and brownies! No presents required. We have different people planning to come by from early afternoon on because of other commitments so I'd say any time after 2ish is fair game. The blowing out the candles on the bday cake will probably occur sometime after Dad and Papa get home (6ish?).

Thursday, June 6

Grateful For #151: Cakes, Cookies, Brownies Done!

Our Home Water Birth

I wrote this on July 16th 2010 the day after Trace was born.
In Honor of International Homebirth Day (today, June 6th)
I'm sharing it here :-)

Our little one is here and is a boy =) Trace Andrew.

His birth story beginns almost a week and a half ago when I started having contractions two Tuesday's ago 3 minutes apart and 45 seconds long. I felt like it was too soon so got in the tub and drank a bunch of water, ate and hoped they would ease up. They did, but I continued have regular contractions for the next week and two days.

I woke up yesterday morning at 4am from a strong contraction.

Wednesday, June 5

Grateful For #150: Having Vacation Clothes

Trevor and I finally got swim suits and summer wear for our vacation (we are both down a size from last year so a lot of stuff didn't fit correctly anymore). Let me tell you, it didn't use to be this difficult to buy a weeks worth of outfits, lol! It took us both two tries and several stores to get enough clothes to have 9 days of summer outfits for our vacation (without spending too much money). Working on washing everything and getting it packed now.

Thank you God.

What Tristian's Birth Taught Us

Tomorrow is International Homebirth Day. So I'm posting our homebirth story with Trace, tomorrow. But there is much more to that story then just the birth itself. Trace's homebirth story truly starts with his brother's hospital birth. So I thought I would post some of the rest of our story today.

My oldest son's birth was a scarey experience. Months of bed rest, pre-eclampsia, induction, blood pressure 235/170. Tris was born premature, dropped below 4lbs after the shed water weight from the pre-e and the hearing test showed no brain response to sound. We were in the hospital a week, and he was 5 days old before the first time we breastfed and 2 months old when he passed the hearing test (been fine with sound since).

I was not doing that again. Lots of research, found out that an out of date treatment practice had likely resulted in much (MUCH!) higher bp from pre-e. Made me angry at the doctor and a system that risked my and my child's lives because it doesn't want to change. I did everything in my power to have the healthiest ever pregnancy with my second son.... and God laughed ;-p

Tuesday, June 4

Tristian's Bouncy Vinegar Egg

Just put an egg in a glass of vinegar and leave it for a day. Run it under water to rinse away residual shell and vinegar.

Video below of Tristian bouncing the vinegar egg, comparing with a normal egg and discussing why/what changed.

Monday, June 3

Grateful For #149: The Fence Being Back Up

That was blown down during one of the bad storms this winter (we have just had a rough year with the house). And the fact that means we are that much closer to being at a stop point with this house =)

Thank you God.


Saturday, June 1

Grateful For #148: Sundays Off

Trevor has tomorrow (a Sunday) off for the first time since... well the last time he took a week of vacation, and this isn't even a vacation day. When he got promoted he asked if he could get every other Sunday off so we could go to church Sunday morning again at least some of the time. Yay!!! Thank you God!

Aquarium Charm Bracelet for Aquarium Month

Did you know that June is Aquarium Month? So this charm bracelet is aquatic themed =) 

You can see the octopus and stingray up front and the fish in the background. There is also a dangling sea turtle by the fish. There are three dangling aqua colored gemstone charms. Four light green beads that look like they have waves in them. Four blue with white flower beads with a Hawaii feel and four aqua or green colored beads. Plus several aqua colored sparkly gemstones. 

I love this bracelet, it really turned out very pretty and certainly has an aquatic feel to it! 

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