Thursday, June 20

Magnetic Chore Chart and Allowance

We are officially starting allowance for Tris. Starting pretty small. Each day he is good he gets one quarter. He gets to spend his money on whatever toys he wants. So we are talking about $7.50 max a month (yeah, we are cheap lol). Each month we'll make a trip to dollar general and he can pick something out. He's happy about ;-) He can 'earn' extra coins by helping us clean up and any coins he finds while cleaning are his to keep =)

We got the Melissa and Doug responsibility chart to use. His daily chores are brushing his teeth, getting dressed, putting toys away, cleaning up where he played at the end of the day, putting his clothes in the laundry and getting ready for bed. Nothing major, more just a way to have the money be earned. If he does everything then he gets a coin to put in his piggy bank.

Just started out, hopefully this goes well =)

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