Thursday, June 6

Our Home Water Birth

I wrote this on July 16th 2010 the day after Trace was born.
In Honor of International Homebirth Day (today, June 6th)
I'm sharing it here :-)

Our little one is here and is a boy =) Trace Andrew.

His birth story beginns almost a week and a half ago when I started having contractions two Tuesday's ago 3 minutes apart and 45 seconds long. I felt like it was too soon so got in the tub and drank a bunch of water, ate and hoped they would ease up. They did, but I continued have regular contractions for the next week and two days.

I woke up yesterday morning at 4am from a strong contraction.
Not the first time it had happened, so I got up and did some chores and after a bit of the contractions staying pretty strong and clolse together I started a bath going and got a book out to read, thinking I would just get in and relax and wait for them to ease up like they had been doing all week when they reached this point and I got in the bath. Something about the day felt different though and when I went to get in the bath I decided to wake up my husband and sent him out to get some yogurt and bananas, just in case.

After walking back from seeing him out the door I went to the restroom and low and behold there was my bloody show. So I called my mom to come get Tristian and then I called my midwife and told her the contactions were coming about 3 mintues apart, 50 seconds each and I just had my bloody show. That call was made at 7:04am. I told her not to rush, as the contractions themselves weren't that bad (and I knew I had just woken her up so didn't want her rushing to get out here when I didn't think baby was coming anytime soon) and she said she'd come out and check my vitals and then see if I wanted her to stay or to call her back when things got more interesting.

She got out here around 9 (I don't really remember exactly what time she got here, may have been a little bit befor nine) checked my vitals, everything looked good so stuck around for an hour or so just to see how I was handling the contractions and etc... then about 10am asked if I wanted her to stay or head out for a bit and I call her back when I thought I was farther along. Neither of us thought I was that far into active labor, the contractions, while intense just weren't that bad and I was able to move and talk through all but the very middle/worst of them. I said I was comfortable with her leaving and us just calling when I thought it was closer to time, she asked if she could do a vaginal exam to get and idea how dialated I was so she felt better about leaving. I didn't really have a problem with one va and didn't really want her hanging around for the rest of the day when nothing was really going on (I love my midwife, but I honestly thought we had a long long way to go before baby would be here) she checked me and I was already at 7 (surprising us both) so she stayed and called the midwife who was coming to assist and let her know things were in the works.

Around 11 (again I don't remember the exact time, but it was about an hour after that) I started to feel some pressure during the contractions so my midwife called the assist to head out and we got the bath to birthing temp ready for when I wanted to get in. I got in about 20 minutes later right about when the assist came. Contractions stayed intense but nothing that I would call really painful, just really uncomfortable =p A couple caught me during urination breaks and those were definitly much more instense then the ones in the water, much. The water really does help a lot with the feeling of how intense the contractions are.

I labored in the water for a while and then baby started to move down (you could see him move down, my belly and my belly sorta shrink as he got lower, very cool) then we hit a snag during which the midwives think baby's hand was up by his head. I'm not going to lie, that was one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. There were several contractions that I couldn't hardly think thorugh because of it, much less focus on pushing, although I tried cause it felt like I needed to- but only in between contractions, I had NO desire to push during those contractions- not sure why but the midwives say I was moving him through with those pushes. Apparently I said some pretty funny things during those contractions though, but I don't really reamember personally. Aparently at one point Val (my midwife) asked if I wanted to feel his head with my hand and I said "No- I can feel it, oh I can feel it" lol. Eventually he pulled his hand back (we assume) and the contractions went back to the intense but not OMG painful and I was able to push him out the rest of the way much more smoothly. My water never broke until after baby's head crowned. I did tear, I actually can remember feeling that, it was during the OMG phase, but the tear was very small and won't cause any issues, doesn't even hurt or anything when I urinate.

I did continue to bleed more then is what you want to see after the birth and I was in bed, and the midwives used massaging my abdomen/uterus and Trace nursing to try and slow it, it wasn't wanting to slow so they did a shot that helped tremendously. About 30 minutes later I passed 2 largish clots and the bleeding slowed down even more, then 2 hours after that I passed 3 more and bleeding slowed down even more. So we think it was the clots causing the continue bleeding. I kept well hydrated and other then just a touch of blurred vision (prolly from pusihing) everything stayed completely normal.

The assist (Kim who was also wonderful) left after the bleeding had slowed down and they had finished paperwork for Trace's birth certificate. He was 6lbs 8oz, 18.5 inches, 13.5 head circumf, born at 12:58pm on July 15th. Very healthy little boy. My midwife left a while after that and called to check again later that evening. Then came by today to check up and will be by tomorrow if Trace turns out to be rh positive to give me rhogam.

I'm sure there are things I've left out. I'll add later, I just wanted to get the main stuff down whilei it was still freshly in my mind. I wouldn't change this birth for anything in the world. It was night and day compared to our hospital birth with Tristian (granted not having pre-e probably helped bunches lol), soo much nicer all around.

Pictures are below.

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