Saturday, June 15

Roll Up Piano- Gift Idea for the Boys?

A few months ago we spent a weekend in Monroe City visiting some of Trevor's family. During the time we got to spend an afternoon eating lunch and playing dominoes with Trevor's Grandma Irene and brother Trent. She had a roll up piano that was just so neat. Never even knew about them.

Trace had a blast on them and they are relatively inexpensive compared to other keyboard options (and most certainly compared to pianos lol).

Below you can see Trace playing on the roll up piano at Grandma Irene's.

We are talking about getting one for them as a joint gift of some sort. We already have their big joint gift for Christmas planned (puppet theater and puppets). So were thinking this maybe for their birthdays? Not really sure yet. The sound quality was good enough to use to play songs and  I can use it to teach Tristian piano next year.

This is the second time we've found a gift idea at a relatives (the first was a leap pad book reader at Trevor's parent's for his youngest brother Trent a couple years ago).

Ever found gift idea's while visiting others?

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