Tuesday, June 25

The Lost Art Of Cleaning Up Shoes

60 years ago the concept of tossing out perfectly good shoes just because they were scuffed up was alien. That was so easy to fix, why wouldn't you? Today I owe quite a few of my nice, name brand shoes to this lost concept.

It's so easy to grab a $3 pair of nice shoes that have just been scuffed and worn a bit and use cheap (dollar tree) supplies to make them look nice again. We aren't talking miracles of course (well, sometimes... If you spring for actual show polish you really can achieve miracles) but nice looking and very wearable ;-)

 I've used this on flats, sandals, heels, work shoes (especially mens) etc... You would also be shocked at what a little soap and water can do for grungy/dirty fabric covered shoes. You should try it next time you need shoes or before you toss out a pair of shoes.

Unless of course you are a size 5.5 W, 6 W or 6.5 N in Mid Missouri/Columbia area. Then by all means toss away. I shop at both Salvation Army and Goodwill... so just donate them to which ever is easiest for you ;-)

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