Tuesday, June 11

Tristian's IXL Gift Basket (for winning photo contest)

Nice to know USPS is doing their job (/sarcasm) Even the envelope had been opened and the gift basket had obviously been unwrapped and the cellophane poorly put back on it. Maybe it's cynical, but I'm glad the gift card was hidden in the gift basket and not put in the envelope. I didn't even see it until after the boys took the bear and cookies out. Maybe it's just us, but we have this type of stuff happen all the time with USPS. Never a problem with Fedex or UPS though.

Thank you so much IXL for the gift basket. It came 2 days before Tristian's birthday so it was like an extra bday present for him! Trace loved the cookies and gold fish and Tris LOVES his bear! We added the $25 Visa gift card to our vacation wallet (and we are in the middle of that vacation now!).

If you are looking at buying a subscription to IXL we bought ours through the free to join Homeschool Buyers Co-op (visit by CLICKING HERE, if you sign up please use my referral code- 130757). If you sign up for IXL through the group it's $49.99 + $1.95 order fee, so $51.94- for the Co-op's IXL page CLICK HERE. That's more then 35% off the normal yearly subscription fee of $79.99 =)

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