Friday, June 28

Why Do We Blog?

I journal because it's what I do, because I care about the memories a journal captures. I post the entries because there are family and friends that care about what is going on and this was the best way Trevor and I could come up with for keeping them informed. 

I blog almost exactly the way I journaled. Not how I journaled years ago with paper and pen, but how I've journaled for the past few years. I used Ultra Mate from the Android Market on my tablet to journal- basically since I got the tablet. That meant inserting images, links for reference, referencing older entries for connections and everything. Pretty much a blog that no one ever saw (well, except me and Trevor). So going from that to personal blogging wasn't a very big leap at all, miniscule really (although hugely different then how I blogged in the past).

There have been some changes in how I write, explaining more mostly. The biggest changes were- Typing on Trevor's netbook since the android blogger app is crud. Almost all posts being written the day before they post or further ahead (the Grateful Fors are generally the only ones posted when written). Random thoughts, funny images, etc have become posts to fill days when I don't write a post, rather then just funny adds on days. Also, breaking up long posts into multiple because they are way too long. Mostly though, the personal blogging process is easier then expected.

Trevor and I struggle with staying connected with those we love. We aren't great at the whole social thing. This seemed like a solution especially with using Networked Blogs which automatically posts to facebook. A decent way to insure most our family and friends can see it. Said family and friends are free to hide it, ignore it or check it out at their own discretion. I've also been making a real effort to check into facebook at least every other day just to read up on family and friends and hit like or whatever as appropriate (even made some of my own posts, lol).

In March I got a comment on a homeschool post (see the post by CLICKING HERE) saying, 'who cares' I replied simply, 'I do ;-)'. I think the commenter was missing why I write. Journaling is done for yourself and no one else. I post them publicly because it seemed a good answer to the issue of staying connected to our family and friends, something we'd felt bad about for a while. If said family and friends or anyone else doesn't want to read- that's completely ok and understandable. We know some have told us they do, so that reason enough to continue.

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