Wednesday, July 31

Our Most Played With Toy

Isn't even suppose to be a toy yet. It's the unfinished wooden blocks I haven't used to make sets yet. The boys have legos, toys that go, block sets that are puzzles and sets that fit in wagons and oh so much other fun building related stuff. But the blocks that get dragged out the most are the unfinished ones that sit in a steel pot to the side of our homeschool supplies.

I guess is along the lines of a cardboard box being the most fun toy. That when you take away all the extra distractions of a design and color you are left with the best medium for imagination ;-)

Tuesday, July 30

We Made Paper!

Sunday we opened and tested our new paper recycling kit. Very neat! 

I will admit to cheating, I did not do it the way they said to. They wanted you to put scraps of paper in a bottle (like a left over 2 liter) and leave it overnight. I looked this method up and found the results weren't great, especially for the prep time. So instead we tore up some scrap paper and I boiled it to make the pulp... then once cooled followed the directions from there.

I'll take pictures of the process some other time, but here's a couple of the finished product and the boys with their pieces =)

Monday, July 29

$3 "Glass" Sculptures Craft

This idea is from another blog post (CLICK HERE to see) where the family went to a museum here they saw a sculpture titled "Fireworks of Glass". The mother realized a similar type of look could be gotten using clay and crazy straws so a fun craft was born.

Thursday, July 25

Easy Double Heart Scarf

Yesterday I posted about how I finally picked up crochet/knitting again after a 3 year hiatus. I was trying to find a heart scarf pattern I liked, but none of the ones I could find were coming out the way I wanted. I finally sat down and just tried different options until I found something I liked.

Very simple- knit stitch, cast on, purl stitch, bind off. Pattern below =)

Wednesday, July 24

Easy Heart Scarf

So I finally picked up crochet/knitting again. I haven't done any of either since before Trace was born (3 years ago). I have an entire crate of yarn that needs something done with it, so thought I would start out making some winter stuff (you know, give myself plenty of time to do this lol). I was trying to find a heart scarf pattern I liked, but none of the ones I could find were coming out the way I wanted (lots of tearing out and starting over) I wanted something pretty simple (for a heart pattern that is) but still pretty. I finally sat down and just tried different options until I found something I liked.

Very simple- knit stitch, cast on, purl stitch, bind off. Pattern below =)

Wednesday, July 17


I think this week may be a hiatus from blogging. I am pretty scattered. Was sick last week so am just now getting bills done for the month (whoops, luckily most the stuff is automatic lol and nothing was late or anything since I pay most stuff that isn't automatic a month ahead just in case). Monday was Trace's bday but Trevor came up with a fever (nearly unheard of). So we are planning his bday thing for Friday evening instead. With us working on the house pretty much any moment we can we are both exhausted.

Monday, July 15

Happy Birthday Trace!!!

Mommy and Daddy love our baby boy so much!

I hope youe 4th year is full of even more hugs and laughter then the first 3 were!

Thursday, July 11

Reading Between the Lines (and other political crud)

Maybe I'm cynical. I call it realism, but maybe it's not.

How often when you are reading a news story do you find yourself saying, "so what that really means happened is...." Maybe it comes from a lot of research and being overly aware that most of what we are told is far too little too late. The media is more concerned with sensationalism or making things look a certain way. There are alliances, and partialities, there are leaks that aren't leaks, etc and so forth. There are scarey, scarey things that are never reported- and not so scarey things that are fluffed up. Very much the fourth branch of the government and often seems to be just as corrupt and scarily silly as the other three can be.

Friday, July 5

Learning Pockets (alphabet and numbers)

So.... I've been working on this concept for a bit. I've got a while, planning to use it for Trace and Tristian next year. It's cost me about $10(plus tax) out of pocket to make so far. Each letter pocket is going to have an activity or two to do with that letter. Each number pocket is going to have some sorting and etc related activities to do with both numbers for that pocket.

Cost breakdown

Thursday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!!!

The 4th of July is special day for Trevor and I.

   *We had our first 'official' date 7/4/05
   *Engaged for the 3rd/final time 7/4/06
   *Tristian's due date was 7/4/07

The July Fourths in the years since have not been nearly as exciting but those three years ensured that the 4th of July will always be a special date to us =)

Hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 3

Homeschool Discounts and Freebies!

Tristian IXLing Outside. We bought our IXL subscription
through the co-op for a 35% discount. Later we entered this
 pic of IXL in use in an IXL FB photo sweepstakes. WE WON!
If you are homeschooling on a budget then you should seriously look into the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It's a free group with tons of curriculum and homeschool related discounts.

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Tuesday, July 2

Our Kitty Cat Loves Fruit!

Bubble our kitty loves fruit He is especially found of strawberries, apples and blackberries. When I was pregnant with Tris I use to crave blackberries. Bubbles always snuck at least one or two of his own. He licks the fruit until it is pulp.

Video below ;-)

Monday, July 1

Trip to the Zoo- On a Charm Bracelet!

I put together the above bracelet to symbolize our annual summer zoo trip. Each year since Tristian turned one we have visited the zoo to as a sort of family celebration each summer.

The silver charms that tell the story are: Car, Snake, Giraffe, Octopus, Elephant, Paw Print, Monkey, Family (Dad, Mom and two boy children), and Stingray. There is also a sparkly green gemstone bead that felt like summer- reminded me of wet grass and how it kinda sparkles in the sun.

For the classic glass colored beads there's five green with white flowers beads and five brown/tan beads. Grass, flowers and earth. They seemed like a good summer feeling base for this bracelet that tells the story of a trip we take every summer =)