Monday, July 29

$3 "Glass" Sculptures Craft

This idea is from another blog post (CLICK HERE to see) where the family went to a museum here they saw a sculpture titled "Fireworks of Glass". The mother realized a similar type of look could be gotten using clay and crazy straws so a fun craft was born.

We actually did this a bit ago, but I am just getting around to uploading the images. This was done a couple days before Tristian's bday, I think. The boys and a good friend had a blast doing this =)

The play doh provided, literally, hours of play taking the colorful straws and picks out and rearranging them and the finished products looked pretty neat!

We did not use only crazy straws. We spent $3 total and bought the 100pc plastic colorful toothpicks meant for party foods, a pack of crazy straws for $1, both at HyVee. Then headed next door from there to the Dollar Tree for a $1 4pk of play doh. Cut up a piece of used pink bubble wrap to do the craft on and we had a great set up =)

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