Wednesday, July 24

Easy Heart Scarf

So I finally picked up crochet/knitting again. I haven't done any of either since before Trace was born (3 years ago). I have an entire crate of yarn that needs something done with it, so thought I would start out making some winter stuff (you know, give myself plenty of time to do this lol). I was trying to find a heart scarf pattern I liked, but none of the ones I could find were coming out the way I wanted (lots of tearing out and starting over) I wanted something pretty simple (for a heart pattern that is) but still pretty. I finally sat down and just tried different options until I found something I liked.

Very simple- knit stitch, cast on, purl stitch, bind off. Pattern below =)

I made this to go with some Easy Fingerless Mitts (CLICK HERE) on Ravelry. They had a 35 stitch cast on so I kept the scarf's cast on the same. There are two possibilities with this scarf. What I ended up making was a pattern of two hearts right side up, the two upside down and so on (so it's identical from either end), but I was originally going to just do all the hearts one direction- so I'll put the pattern for just the hearts today and tomorrow the pattern for the double hearts. 
Easy Heart Scarf

I used worsted yarn with size 8 needles.
Abbreviations used are CO - Cast On, K - Knit Stitch, P - Purl Stitch, BO- Bind Off
Step One
  1. CO35
  2. K35 (whole row) x6 
  3. K35
  4. K8 P19 K8
  5. K35
  6. K8 P19 K88
Step Two
  1. K17 P1 K17
  2. K8 P8 K3 P8 K8
  3. K15 P5 K15
  4. K8 P6 K7 P6 K8
  5. K13 P9 K13
  6. K8 P4 K11 P4 K8
  7. K12 P11 K12
  8. K8 P4 K5 P1 K5 P4 K8
  9. K13 P4 K1 P4 K13
  10. K8 P6 K2 P3 K2 P6 K8
  11. K35
  12. K8 P19 K8
  13. K35
  14. K8 P19 K88
 ~ repeat Step Two until desired length ~

Step Three
  1. K35 (whole row) x6
  2. BO
***Free to use and share. May not sell or use commercially. 

Just thought I'd share what I came up with ;-)


  1. Very nice! I would like to use your pattern for the Red Scarf Project (for former foster kids who are trying to get through college or a trade school). I think it would be very appropriate! Thanks for a great (and easy) pattern.

    Do you have the double hearts pattern posted yet? I couldn't find it.

    1. That is a wonderful idea for using it! Thanks so much and bless you for your thoughtfulness.

      To get to the double hearts pattern just click NEWER POST below this one, it's the next one up =)

  2. Hi Calyn--I found the double heart pattern! Looks perfect for the project. Thanks

  3. would it be ok to make this a put it on the giving tree at our local library yeap im getting ready for next christmas already lol