Wednesday, July 17


I think this week may be a hiatus from blogging. I am pretty scattered. Was sick last week so am just now getting bills done for the month (whoops, luckily most the stuff is automatic lol and nothing was late or anything since I pay most stuff that isn't automatic a month ahead just in case). Monday was Trace's bday but Trevor came up with a fever (nearly unheard of). So we are planning his bday thing for Friday evening instead. With us working on the house pretty much any moment we can we are both exhausted.

However, the house is very nearly done =) Like, seriously! The dining room is totally done (walls painted, floor retiled and room is staged) The kitchen is done as of yesterday (floor retiled, walls painted, counters refinished) courtesy of our awesome brother in law Caleb that found us a very nice used frig from his work (Rent-A-Center in Columbia in the Grindstone Shopping Area, go check it out) for an AMAZING price! The office room should be done tonight (just need to sand drywall and paint). The boys room is done and staged besides the toys in it (it was the first room we did so that they could play in there away from everything while we worked on the rest of the house). Amanda's room just needs touch up paint still around the edges (was dark blue so took more painting then our other rooms), drywall and etc.. from where the thieves put holes in the walls are all fixed. The master bath still needs the shower head and faucets installed (the one we bought was broken, so we had to return it and wait for the new one to get here, have it now), but it's done retiling, countertops, drywall patching where there was damage from the break in, new shower unit installed, etc..). Master bedroom was probably the easiest room besides the boys because there was really nothing needing done but painting it white. Trev did build a couple bedside table units and painted them the same color as the master bathroom cabinets to go on either side of the bed for staging. The guest bathroom still needs to be touch up painted also, but was another easy room =)

So yeah, we are so close it almost hurts. The guy that delivered the frig yesterday told us it looked, 'This looks awesome guys, I'd buy it!' (to which Trevor promptly replied, "Wanna buy a house?" Lol, so tempting just to put it on the market as is, because the final touches seem to be too time consuming, but we are almost done, just a little bit farther. I think it's so frustrating because we were nearly done when the house was broken into and fixing the mess and damage the thieves caused added at least an extra month of time and issues to the whole situation. Having to fix walls, retile areas we had already tiles because or their senseless damage. We found other things missing as we've went about (vacuum, the tall floor lamp from the set of four matching lamps we had) and it's just so frustrating. They cost us more then just the hundreds for the insurance deductible, they cost us so much time, frustration and time the house could have been on the market, sold and nolonger a worry for us.

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