Friday, July 5

Learning Pockets (alphabet and numbers)

So.... I've been working on this concept for a bit. I've got a while, planning to use it for Trace and Tristian next year. It's cost me about $10(plus tax) out of pocket to make so far. Each letter pocket is going to have an activity or two to do with that letter. Each number pocket is going to have some sorting and etc related activities to do with both numbers for that pocket.

Cost breakdown

Duct Tape One: already had
Duct Tape Two: $3.50
Large Letters: $1.50
Smaller Letters: already had
Pockets: $4
Needle and Thread: already had
Clear Tape: $1

The pocket in the bottom right contains two organza bags. Each bag has the letters to either Tristian or Trace's names along with a die cut shape of something each boy likes (wrench/tool for Trace, airplane for Tris) in the same pattern fabric as their name letters were made from. I haven't made the label yet but this pocket will say 'What's In A Name' and will be for doing the What's In A Name activity. If you haven't seen the post about that activity you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

So one activity down... 31 to go ;-)

Just wanted to share the Learning Pockets so far. Trace really likes it already. He enjoys pointing to the letters and numbers while Dad or Tris or I say which one it is. When it's down I plan to have it much lower so that it's almost at the floor, and probably keep a step stool near it for Trace, Tris should already be able to reach all the pockets.... although may have trouble actually reaching into the top ones, I guess. So may need to use the step stool too.

Anyways.... have any projects you are in the middle of?

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