Monday, July 1

Trip to the Zoo- On a Charm Bracelet!

I put together the above bracelet to symbolize our annual summer zoo trip. Each year since Tristian turned one we have visited the zoo to as a sort of family celebration each summer.

The silver charms that tell the story are: Car, Snake, Giraffe, Octopus, Elephant, Paw Print, Monkey, Family (Dad, Mom and two boy children), and Stingray. There is also a sparkly green gemstone bead that felt like summer- reminded me of wet grass and how it kinda sparkles in the sun.

For the classic glass colored beads there's five green with white flowers beads and five brown/tan beads. Grass, flowers and earth. They seemed like a good summer feeling base for this bracelet that tells the story of a trip we take every summer =)

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