Tuesday, July 30

We Made Paper!

Sunday we opened and tested our new paper recycling kit. Very neat! 

I will admit to cheating, I did not do it the way they said to. They wanted you to put scraps of paper in a bottle (like a left over 2 liter) and leave it overnight. I looked this method up and found the results weren't great, especially for the prep time. So instead we tore up some scrap paper and I boiled it to make the pulp... then once cooled followed the directions from there.

I'll take pictures of the process some other time, but here's a couple of the finished product and the boys with their pieces =)

Tristian did not trim his and used it to make a card for Mimi. Trace did trim his and used his for a card for Papa. Next time I am thinking we could make seasonal themed paper. Use flowers or leaves or what ever to capture some nature in our paper =)

The kit cost about $10 on Amazon and I think was worth it. Although, now that I see what was in it (basically and tray with two pieces of mesh) I might be improvising to create some kits for making larger pieces of paper ;-)

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