Friday, August 30

Our IXL Math (discount link included)

*UPDATE- If you're just looking for the sale link CLICK HERE for the IXL discount page, seems to be a fairly permanent sale; however, after Oct 1st 2013 the discount is 25%.

Tris IXLing on the tablet.
(our sweepstakes entry)
Last year we were in a serious rut with math after our holiday break. I found some really excellent reviews on the site IXL. So, I had Tristian do some of the demos and he enjoyed them- but I did not want to pay the $79 for the subscription. I looked around and found out about a free homeschool co-op with a 35% discount for IXL and discounts for tons of other curriculum related subscriptions and products(this ended up a fortuitous find for our budget, we've been able to afford a online resource per each core subject this year). The IXL subscription is still on the same discount as of this post, just CLICK HERE to check it out &/or sign up for the co-op.

Thursday, August 29

Our Passport to the World

Last year we, very informally, explored other countries as Tristian took an interest in them to supplement the Learn at Home Social Studies curriculum (which was wonderful but kept us very close to home, something it does again this year). This time I want something a little more structured, but still very fun and engaging. One idea I really liked was the passport idea. The child getting to stamp their passport after exploring each country.

While looking into children's passport products I came across the book Passport to the World- Your A to Z Guided Language Tour by Craig Froman. It includes a small passport and stickers for each country explored. Each letter has two pages, one language and the country that language is spoken in with common phrases and faqs.

Wednesday, August 28

Our World and I Kids (discount link included)

I wanted to go over some of the resources and curriculum we will be using this school year. Since my kids are growing up in a digital age, it only makes sense to use digital resources for our schooling. One of those resources we are using this year is World and I Kids through a free homeschool co-op I joined last year (CLICK HERE).

World and I Kids is listed as for grades 3-8, but as there is a pretty serious lack of Social Studies oriented sites for younger children... I think it will do. We will specifically be using it for research in conjunction with another resource I'll post about tomorrow (something I think Tristian is really going to enjoy).

Monday, August 26

Lowes Build and Grow

Tristian has been lucky enough two weekends now to get to spend time with Roree, Aunt Devin and Uncle Caleb (while cousin Henry and Trace got to chill with each other with me). Roree and Tris have been going to the Lowes Build and Grow workshops and making planes from the movie PLANES (from the CARS Universe). Tris has really had a blast getting to spend that time with his cousin and getting to make such cool toys.

Thursday, August 22

National Be An Angel Day

I love the name of this holiday. It's just such a wonderful connotation and idea in general.

National Be An Angel Day was started in 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman. The concept is to perform random acts of kindness and help others, especially those in need.

Do you have any special plans for Be An Angel Day?

Monday, August 19

Trace's Growth Hormone Test and MRI Pics

Today was Trace's Growth Hormone Test and MRI. He and Daddy spent most of the day at the hospital. He couldn't eat or drink anything but water after midnight... bit problematic when he woke up at 2:30am asking for chocolate milk =/

Thursday, August 15

School Start Date Decision

Trevor and I have been talking and decided we would not be starting the planned curriculum until after we move.

Instead we are going to do some of the more hands on projects I've added to the curriculum plans ahead of time. Especially since these items will be hung up in the clasroom walls for reference (& fun), it will sorta be like we are getting ready for our new classroom. This way we can go over introduction for those subjects over the first few weeks, get in some school hours and be ready to plunge in when we move.

I am going to rework the planned curriculum a little to condense the weeks from 36 to 32 (doing 6hr days) so we can still have Christmas week off and hopefully end early June and easily meet the hour requirements.Since, I tried to come up with projects for the year both boys could participate in appropriately for their grade (or lack there of). I am very excited about some of the projects and think the boys are really going to love them =) 

Wednesday, August 14

Manes Reunion Downstairs Pics

This was last Sunday at my parents house. These pics are from downstrairs (where Trev and I were mostly). I didn't think to ask if anyone minded my posted pics (Trev and I were bushed. I took a nap first and then he did, lol)... So, besides a few that I have previously asked if they minded, I haven't posted pics that show faces here. You can still see the kids had a ton of fun playing with their cousins!

Tuesday, August 13

Homeschool Start Date

This year I will have a second grader and preschooler homeschooling. We are currently not in a good set up to homeschool (we hoped to be moved by now but may not be moving until Nov 1st). We finished out last year using the kitchen table set up, but having a classroom is so much easier! What are your thoughts on waiting until November to start?

Monday, August 12

St Louis Zoo 2013 Pics

I posted a pic on fb Thursday night while the guys were swimming about an hour after we got to the hotel =) It was taken on my tablet because I didn't have any way to get the sd card pics from my camera onto the netbook. Now I do =) So here's some StL Zoo pics from our zoo trip this year.

Trevor and the boys checking out their new binoculars Friday morning before heading to the zoo =)

Friday, August 9

Trace's Birthday Pictures

The SD Card port on the netbook stopped working, unfortunately. I finally gave up on fixing it and ordered a sd-usb converter. Got it yesterday. So here are some pictures of Trace's bday party, with more pics from this summer to come =) 

Thursday, August 1

StL and House News!

We are leaving today for our annual trip to St. Louis and the Zoo there. We will be spending two nights at the South Center Holiday Inn there. We took advantage of the Groupon special of $59 a night plus $10 dining credit and got two nights. We also still have the $25 certificate for The Original Crusoe's and a BP gas gift card. So we are doing pretty good for this trip =)

Trevor is with a realtor right now looking at the house, hopefully that is good news.

We also found some duplexes that we hope come available in September. They have two stories plus unfinished basement, one car garage and fenced in back yard (pets welcome). Upstairs are 3 bedrooms and the master has two closets =), also a linen closet and full bath upstairs. Downstairs is a utility room with wash/dry hookups, half bath, kitchen, living room and dining room. It is less then one mile from both Trevor's Work, all of our doctors (family and speciality) and a park for the boys to play at. Would be just perfect for us, would cut Trevor's commute times to almost nothing. Would cut gas an incredible amount. Would mean that Trev didn't have to request off or have me take him in on the days that the boys or I have appointments because we would be able to walk. Would just be ideal all around. So we are hoping that one of those comes available soon!