Tuesday, August 13

Homeschool Start Date

This year I will have a second grader and preschooler homeschooling. We are currently not in a good set up to homeschool (we hoped to be moved by now but may not be moving until Nov 1st). We finished out last year using the kitchen table set up, but having a classroom is so much easier! What are your thoughts on waiting until November to start?

We normally start Sept 1st and take most of December off for holidays and end in May. So, we would school through Dec instead around the holidays and ending at the end of June instead of May. That would still give us a two month summer break before starting next year in Sept. My other thought was to do some schooling starting Sept, just not full days and not as intensively (either way the oldest starts tae kwon doh, swimming and catechism soon). Then re-evaluate and tweek the curriculum after moving and switching to a more normal schedule then.

We legally have to hit 1000 hours a year for Tris- 600 must be core(social studies, science, reading, lang arts, math is how its defined in the law) and at least 400 of the core must be at the primary residence. Breaks down to about 5.5 hrs a day if doing 5 days a week for 36 weeks total, with some holidays off- when including the extra curric hours. I was sorta thinking doing math and reading (those are his easiest subjects) and art time for 3hrs total each school day, plus the extra currics. Then adding the more intensive social studies, science and language arts in nov and doing maybe 6-6.5hr days until we caught the hours up. 

If we go the second route, by Nov we will have around 160 hours. 90 of those hours will be core hours completed at the primary residence. Nov 1st would be a Friday and Trev should be off the following Sat. I should be able to get the classroom set up enough to continue school by that Monday. We would have 840 hours left for the school year, 510 core hours of which 310 must be completed at home. We would need to do about 6hrs a day (plus extra curric from tae kwon doh, swimming and catechism) for the remainer of the year (if we stick to a 36 week total year) to complete the 1000hrs. About 4hrs a day would need to be core.

I may at least try to go the second route and see how it does. Or I may go the second route following a condensed version of the curriculum for all the cores + art for 30 mins each a day (still 3hrs total a day) and then switch to a full 6hr day when we move. Hmm

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