Monday, August 26

Lowes Build and Grow

Tristian has been lucky enough two weekends now to get to spend time with Roree, Aunt Devin and Uncle Caleb (while cousin Henry and Trace got to chill with each other with me). Roree and Tris have been going to the Lowes Build and Grow workshops and making planes from the movie PLANES (from the CARS Universe). Tris has really had a blast getting to spend that time with his cousin and getting to make such cool toys.

Trace has been really, really jealous! I was looking at the site today and saw that the next workshop to make a classic firetruck is on Saturday, Sept 14th. Trev is normally off Saturdays, but just to make sure he is using his last personal day (that has to be used by Sept 15th lol) to ask off so we can all go this time. I know Uncle Caleb normally has to work on Saturdays so we are hoping to get to bring Roree along too and partially return the favor of her bringing Tris along the last couple times =)

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