Friday, August 30

Our IXL Math (discount link included)

*UPDATE- If you're just looking for the sale link CLICK HERE for the IXL discount page, seems to be a fairly permanent sale; however, after Oct 1st 2013 the discount is 25%.

Tris IXLing on the tablet.
(our sweepstakes entry)
Last year we were in a serious rut with math after our holiday break. I found some really excellent reviews on the site IXL. So, I had Tristian do some of the demos and he enjoyed them- but I did not want to pay the $79 for the subscription. I looked around and found out about a free homeschool co-op with a 35% discount for IXL and discounts for tons of other curriculum related subscriptions and products(this ended up a fortuitous find for our budget, we've been able to afford a online resource per each core subject this year). The IXL subscription is still on the same discount as of this post, just CLICK HERE to check it out &/or sign up for the co-op.

Enjoying joying sweepstakes prize
(for winning with above pic entry)

I wasn't sure last year when we first subscribed if I would continue the subscription this year with the cost (I've been trying to stick to undrr about $3 a month per online core resource). However, I fully expect to as of right now.

I very much like that it has easy access to state standards for each grade. I also really appreciate the math exercises being separated out by level/grade so that we can go through grade appropriate skills. The awards section has been really helpful for making Tris want to practice. He enjoys getting to go to the awards and reveal new squares. It is also a nice, 'at a glance' way to see how proficient he's becoming at each level.

This year, IXL will continue to be a our main math related online core resource.

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