Thursday, August 29

Our Passport to the World

Last year we, very informally, explored other countries as Tristian took an interest in them to supplement the Learn at Home Social Studies curriculum (which was wonderful but kept us very close to home, something it does again this year). This time I want something a little more structured, but still very fun and engaging. One idea I really liked was the passport idea. The child getting to stamp their passport after exploring each country.

While looking into children's passport products I came across the book Passport to the World- Your A to Z Guided Language Tour by Craig Froman. It includes a small passport and stickers for each country explored. Each letter has two pages, one language and the country that language is spoken in with common phrases and faqs.

We are going to make this a 26 week social studies supplement. Spending 15-20mins each day. Monday we will read the book pages for that week to introduce that week's country and language. Tuesday we are going to explore that country further, including what foods are eaten, using our World and I subscription and other online resources. Wednesday will be hands on as we see, feel and eat the foods of that country. Thursday we'll create and color things like the country's flag and other symbols. Friday will end the week with discussing and journaling about the country; then stamping our passports.

Something I really like about this is that it's A to Z structured. So while Tris is exploring the countries, Trace can be exploring the letters. I am planning to get/make Trace a passport as well that we will use ABC stickers to stamp, so each child has a passport. Being able to mesh Trace's preschool with Tristian's grade school learning a bit will make things much easier and smoother for mom and kiddos (and avoid jealousy over doing different things).


  1. That's so cute! Our local library hosts a similar structured program where they give each homeschool kid a passport and then every week they explore a new country. It's a whole lot of fun and if ti wasn't for that I would totally be buying this

    1. That is an awesome program, totally jealous!

    2. It is. Our library is amazing, as is the entire homeschooling community in my area. There's always something fun planned with them. And funnily enough, a year ago I didn't even know they existed . Gotta love what you can discover when you open up your eyes to a new way of life!